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Summer Jobs

Would you work during the summer?



By Oscar Navarro, Staff Writer

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Would you rather be broke and have fun or sacrifice your time during the long break to work but have some money in the summer?

Junior Jorge Cruz said, “I want to get a job because I need to save up money for a car and be more independent.” Junior Joselyn Zamora said, “I want a summer job so I don’t have to be asking my parents for money and to be more responsible.”

There are many different things that you could save up for. Junior Brian Duncan would like to save up for college and to get ready to move out soon from his parent’s house. Junior Jasmin Aldana said she wants to save up for any necessities she has and to have money available at all times.

Students might wonder if having a summer job is worth it at the end of the day. Senior Tray Shannon, who currently works at the theaters at Brickell City Center, said that having summer job might take up your free time on the break, but that it’s beneficial and teaches you many things in life, such as responsibility, being independent, and getting a taste of the real world.

Students have different ideas on what jobs they would like in the summer. Junior Gabriel Francisco would like a part-time job in any shoe stores like Foot Locker.” Junior Ambro de la Cruz said, “I honestly don’t mind where I work as long as it’s a retail store.”

There are many students that have already been through this process, who have already had summer jobs. Senior Cindy Almendarez said she worked in an office as an assistant of the head of the office.” Tommy Collins said, “In the summer I worked 4 days each week in construction and made almost 2,000 dollars at the end of summer.”

You might ask how these students got the job and what they did to do so. Senior Jonathan Davila said he applied to many places and waited for a call that suited him best which was the theaters at Brickell City Center. Bryan Fernandez, who had a job working construction with his father, said to apply to multiple places and to jobs where you think you fit in and won’t get bored.

It’s good to keep in mind your availability of employment during the week when applying for a summer job. Freshman Ciara Silva said she would like to work the whole week and have weekends off to have time to herself also. Freshman Lester Valerino said he’d like to work Monday through Sunday if possible.

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