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  • December 12Seniors, Herff Jones will return on 12/19 for Cap & Gown sales. They are $21 but will increase in price afterwards.

Grad Bash 2K17!

From left to right: Seniors William Villalta, Maryelin Leal, Mark Granados, Allison Lazo, Elizebeth Davila, Maria Maldonado, Noemi Martinez, and Carlos Moreno posing near the Simpson's ride in Universal Studios.

From left to right: Seniors William Villalta, Maryelin Leal, Mark Granados, Allison Lazo, Elizebeth Davila, Maria Maldonado, Noemi Martinez, and Carlos Moreno posing near the Simpson's ride in Universal Studios.

From left to right: Seniors William Villalta, Maryelin Leal, Mark Granados, Allison Lazo, Elizebeth Davila, Maria Maldonado, Noemi Martinez, and Carlos Moreno posing near the Simpson's ride in Universal Studios.

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“What outfit are you wearing on the trip?”


“I’m riding the new Harry Potter rollercoaster first!”


“I’m super excited!”


Miami High’s Class of 2017 had been anticipating this special trip since their freshman year — Grad Bash at Universal Orlando Studios. 236 seniors attended.

This year, Grad Bash took place on Saturday, April 29th. For the students that weren’t able to purchase the senior package, the price for the trip was $140.


The Decision

Those that chose to attend had many reasons to do so. William Villalta wanted to go because it was a once in a lifetime experience. “It was a chance to enjoy what little time I have left with my friends that are going away for college,” he said. “I wanted to make unforgettable memories.”

Jacquelin Figueroa chose to go because seniors had barely gone on any other fieldtrips in the past.

Although many students attended the trip, there were a few that stayed home. Senior Andres Zacarías decided not to go to Grad Bash because he thought it wasn’t worth the money, considering that the trip was only one day. “I’ll use that money to go on a trip after graduation with my friends,” he said.

“I didn’t have enough money to attend both Prom and Grad Bash, so I picked Prom,” said Erick Aracil.


What They Liked

Ms. Rivero, Miami High’s activities director, stated that the trip overall was very successful. “No one got in trouble, and best of all, most of the kids had a great time,” she said.

The students from Miami High that went to Grad Bash really enjoyed making memories with their friends. Senior Jose Hernandez said that his favorite part of the trip was being able to walk around the Harry Potter section in both parks.

Ana Matta also enjoyed getting to ride the Hogwarts Express in the Harry Potter section. “We got to get a taste of the Wizarding World of Harry Potter,” she said. Lissett Hernandez enjoyed the Jurassic Park water ride because she wasn’t expecting the drop.


The Legendary Ukrainian Ironbelly dragon coming to Life at Diagon Alley at Universal Studios.

The Trip

On the day of their departure, the participating seniors arrived at the school’s theatre at 11 a.m. and waited for the rest of their peers to show up. They were called out by their bus number and were told to place their belongings on the ground, where police dogs checked for any illegal substances.

At 1:30 p.m., once all five buses were boarded, Miami High’s Class of 2017 began its road trip. While on the road, the students did all kinds of activities— from playing cards, to singing and listening to music.

About three hours into the trip, the buses made their first and only stop at Fort Drum Plaza, where the 236 students had 30 minutes to eat or just stretch their legs before arriving at the park.

When the clock struck 7, the students excitedly rushed into Universal Studios along with thousands of other students from other schools. For safety measures, bags were checked once again before students passed through metal detectors. Once all students were cleared, they all entered the park and went their separate ways. The seniors were allowed to enter both Universal Studios and Islands of Adventure.

After enjoying both parks for 7 hours, the students from Miami High met at the Fear Factor attraction in Universal Studios and exited the park at 2 a.m. At 3, once all five buses were loaded, they headed back to Miami High.

The seniors and chaperones arrived back to Miami High at around 6 in the morning, where students were picked up by their parents and finally headed home.

Pablo Iraheta riding The Incredible Hulk along side Mr. Arscott, Ms. Vela, and Mr. Strickland

Room For Improvement

   While most students had a blast at Grad Bash, some felt there was room for improvement. Pablo Iraheta thought that more time could have been given at the Fort Drum Plaza.

Senior Gabriella Barraza wished the trip was longer. “Some schools have Grad Bash for two days and get to stay overnight at a hotel,” she said. “I think that would’ve improved my experience.”

John Gonzalez believed the trip would have been better if the process of entering the park didn’t take as long as it did. “We wasted about an hour there,” he said.

Although 236 seniors from Miami High went to Grad Bash, not all of them got the chance to ride all the attractions they wanted to get on.

Diego Reyes wished he could’ve had more time to get on the Dueling Dragons in Islands of Adventure and the Hollywood Rip Ride Rockit in Universal Studios.

Raquel Canales regrets not getting on Harry Potter and the Forbidden Journey in Islands of Adventure.

Noemi Martinez really wanted to get on the Spider-Man simulator, but the line was too long, and most of her friends weren’t willing to ride it. “Next time I go to Islands of Adventure, it’ll be the first one I ride,” she said.


Miami High’s 2017 Grad Bash Facts

  • Departed Miami High at 1 p.m. on April 29th
  • Returned to Miami High at 6 a.m. on April 30th
  • 236 seniors attended
  • Price for the trip was $140
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  1. Margie on June 2nd, 2017 9:04 am

    I remember my grad bash! What an unforgettable memorie


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