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Senior Prank 2K17

All pranksters have chosen to remain anonymous.

All pranksters have chosen to remain anonymous.

All pranksters have chosen to remain anonymous.

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Every year the graduating class is always looking forward to the senior activities, from official to unofficial like the class senior prank. This year, the class of 2017 took it upon themselves to “leave a mark in the school,” as senior Bryan Castilla described his impression about this year’s prank that allegedly took place on Monday’s early morning hours.

The prank began by moving the outdoor tables that are spread around building 3. Some of them were moved into the middle of the PE field into the shape of a “17”, some were used to block the school’s entrance, and some were taken up to the second floor of building 3. To top it off, the pranksters closed the middle stairway of building 3 and filled it up with balloons. In the empty space left by the tables, the seniors wrote notes with chalk to their teachers varying from “Thank you,” to “We love you.”

“We came up with this the day before by looking up ideas,” said one of the anonymous participants. “I got a call, late at night asking if I was willing to do it, and I didn’t think of it twice as I knew my friends wouldn’t do anything stupid.”

Pranksters’ view

The senior pranksters admitted it took quite an effort to set everything up. “It was 8 of us, and it took around 3 hours to do everything,” said one of the partakers in the prank.

“Taking the lunch tables to the field was pretty challenging,” said another of the 8 people who participated. “The ground was pretty wet, so we would step and get mud all over our shoes.”

“Overall, the balloons kept popping and they were really loud, so it was pretty tedious to keep them from making noise,” said another prankster.

“Carrying the tables upstairs was challenging, but we had fun while doing it,” said one of the seniors. “We did not do it because we wanted anybody’s approval. We thought it was funny and we at least did something. Many people would say it’s ‘lame,’ or ‘basic’ but they cannot come up with better ideas themselves.”

“I love seeing everyone talk about who did it,” said one of the seniors. “I felt like we did something for our class.”

When asked whether they had to forcefully break in to school or not, the members showed their worry towards school security. “We didn’t force or break anything; we simply walked in,” said one of the seniors. “I think it kind of shows how the school security is not as strict as it should.”

Favorite part

The prank was noticed by others. Senior George Tumi wishes he would have part taken. “I should’ve been there,” he said. “I’m upset nobody told me about this. The ‘17’ on the field was definitely my favorite part.”

“I didn’t know what it was when I first got to school,” said senior Eduardo Morales. “ I thought it was funny how they blocked the entrance and everyone had to go around.”

“I liked the tables on each floor, and the random ones that were flipped around the school,” said junior Lidia Leal. “I thought it was pretty funny and creative.”

Teachers also noticed something different about the school. Marine Science teacher, Mr. Upperco, who is retiring after 37 years teaching at Miami High, liked it. “I did not know what it was. For a second I thought it was administration blocking the entrance on purpose,” he said. “There has a been few good ones over the years, but this one was really good. I was heading to walk up the stairs and I couldn’t; I saw the balloons and I just thought it was funny.”

English teacher Mr. Montesano had another reaction.  “I saw the cups and I thought it was a cute little note to the teachers, until I saw everything else,” he said. “[I think it was] the cutest, sweetest little prank. But putting the tables upstairs is kind of dangerous and the same as getting them down.”

Biology teacher Mr. Emerson Perez thought it was creative. “It was funny and tastefully done,” he said. “It didn’t harm anyone or school property. The tables on the second floor was my favorite part, who would even think of that.”

English teacher Mr. Waugaman liked it as well. “I thought it was awesome,” he said, “especially when I saw all the little friendly notes; I hadn’t seen a prank here before.”

Assistant principal Mr. Zabala enjoyed it as well. “It was a pain, but it was cute,” he said. “Nothing was vandalized.”

Should it be condemned?

Teachers all had different sides. “I liked how the school was not destroyed,” said Physics teacher Mr. Rivera. “But I think the students should have picked up after themselves. It’s not part of the staff’s duty to pick it up. It’s not a big deal but it’s just a matter of being responsible.”

On the other hand, other teachers see it differently. “I don’t think it should be punishable,” said English teacher Mrs. Anderson. “It was pretty harmless, at least what I saw.”

“The only travesty committed was that after four years they still don’t know how to spell Mr. Valdes’s last name,” said Mr. Zabala. “That’s what they should be punished for. They shouldn’t graduate after that.”


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  1. John Clement on June 5th, 2017 3:40 pm

    Excellent and very timely!


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