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Senior Crown Event

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Seniors at the event in the summer, making their crown.


Since seniors are royalty in high school, it’s only fair that they have their crowns to show it off. They’ve come this far, so they should feel proud about their final reign in high school.

On August 10th, the senior class officers and senior class advisor Ms. Rivero organized the senior crown event in the covered patio, where about 80 seniors attended. The class officers had announced the event through social media platforms such as Instagram, Twitter, and Snapchat.

At the event, the officers provided materials like spray paint and glitter to make the crowns, a tarp to make it easy to clean up, and pizza for lunch. The event was completely free and open to all seniors.

Many seniors had been waiting for this moment for a really long time. Anastasia Rojas said, “I always wanted to do my senior crown, and I’d see posts from previous years, and it always looked fun.”

Even those who aren’t usually involved attended. Graciela Hernandez claims she doesn’t participate in many school events, but this one drew her attention because it was the first major event for the seniors.

Christopher Cruz said the best part about the event was everyone’s creativity flowing out as they were making their crowns.

I feel proud of the senior class. We came together to decorate our first crown to bring in the idea of putting our last hat, our graduation cap, together. ”

— Britney Alpizar

Some seniors didn’t attend the event but still made the crown on their own. Ashley Diaz couldn’t attend because she was working, but still wanted to make her crown because she felt like “all the work I’ve put in these past 3 years were finally worth it.”

Most seniors did it simply for the tradition and not wanting to be left out. “I liked getting the chance to personalize your crown in your own way,” said Jose Musa.

Some seniors got really creative with their crowns. Dana Molina used glitter, pearls, rhinestones, ribbons, and lots of glue to make her crown, which took her about a week to complete.

Although most enjoyed making the crowns, others weren’t so enthusiastic. “I didn’t make a crown because it takes a long time to do it, and most people only wear it the first two days of school,” said Catherine Flores.

Nonetheless, the senior crown event was a great way to kick off senior year. Class of ‘18 Vice President Britney Alpizar said, “As a class officer I feel proud of the senior class. We came together to decorate our first crown to bring in the idea of putting our last hat, our graduation cap, together.”

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