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Surviving AP Chemistry

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Surviving AP Chemistry

By Daniela Same, Staff Writer

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AP Chemistry is a very rigorous and fast-paced class. While some students have given up, others have found a way to study and keep on track. For students who are interested in pursuing careers in medicine and science, AP chemistry is the right class for you.

Around 20 students took the AP Chemistry class last year, and 93% of them passed the end-of-year AP exam. This year, 25 students are taking AP Chemistry.

“I have always loved science, and taking AP Chemistry class made me want to further develop my knowledge about the subject,” said 12th grade student Roger Alaniz.

“I chose this class because I have a chemistry mindset,” said senior Alejandra Viera. “I want to build these skills in the medicine field.”

AP Chemistry includes two semesters of college chemistry and labs. Chemistry teacher Dr. Hueck added that in AP Chemistry, he goes fast, and the hardest part of teaching AP Chemistry is getting the students to work up to the level they need to be in that class, but sometimes they don’t have the study habits they need.

“We have to squeeze in all the material in a short amount of time,” said algebra teacher Ms. Munguia, who assists Dr. Hueck in AP Chemistry.

AP Chemistry requires a lot of preparation and study from students. Senior Azhar Moihdeen, who passed the AP test last year, said that the homework usually did not take that long, but in class students made study groups and stayed after school to go over practices tests.

“The hardest part would be meeting the expectations of what the class requires,” said senior Roger Alaniz. “Reviewing constantly what was covered in the class is the best way to meet these expectations.”

Some students learn the hard way that AP Chemistry is difficult to keep up with. “2-3 students have dropped the class,” said Dr. Hueck “They are taking other AP classes, and it is stressful for them.” A female senior who dropped the class, emphasized that she couldn’t handle all the studying it required and that taking other AP classes makes it more stressful.

However, others find a way to survive in AP Chemistry. “All the knowledge makes me want to keep going and to continue learning more about the subject,” said Roger Alaniz. Dr. Hueck said that a lot of students want to study engineering or medicine, and even though they might not pass the end-of-year exam, “they do prepare themselves here, so when they get to college, it is much easier.”

This class is recommended to students who aced chemistry honors. “Hardworking and dedicated students with an interest in pursuing science as a career should choose this class,” said Ms. Munguia.

“I would recommend this class to those who like science and are curious about its wonders and what it has to offer,” said Roger Alaniz.

“Don’t be afraid of the AP class; don’t be scared of the A-P letters. If you have a passion for science, this is the right class for you,” said senior Alejandra Viera.

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