Garit Top 3 in Math

By Juliana Jaramillo, Staff Writer

Emmanuel Garit


Junior Emmanuel Garit placed 3rd overall against the top 100 math students in Miami-Dade County when Mu Alpha Theta partook in the “Mathematics Olympiad” at Barry University on Nov 30, 2017. Other members who participated were Azhar Moihdeen, Camilo Alvarez, David Andrade, Eddie Lezama, and Daniela Banon.

Mu Alpha Theta also outdid itself in SADD’s door decorating competition during Red Ribbon week obtaining first place.

In November MAO held their own contest, which was open to everyone in Miami High at the cost of $1 per person to guess the amount of Skittles in a glass jar in Ms. Mungia’s room. Over 100 students had guesses ranging from 500 to 6,896 Skittles. Sophomore Kyle Marie won the jar on Nov 23 with the most accurate guess of 3,092.