The Girls Soccer Team


Left to right top row: Krsitin, Ashley Recendez, Idalia Quintero, Jennie Villatoro, Laleska Figuero, Rg Flores, Kimberly Jimenez, Eilyn Salmeron, Grisel Almeida, Wendy Amaya, Milka Trochez, Katherin. Bottom row: Joemi Lemus, Belmar Hernandez, Yalecxa Estrada, Andrea Roque Karla Sierra

Who are Miami High’s skillful soccer girls? They’re 21 girls who all share the soccer life experience. For the last 2 years they have been coached by senior English teacher Ms. Wendy Anderson. Their first game was on November 9th against South Miami, which ended in their favor, 3 to 1. The team’s record as of December 13, 2017, has been 5 wins, 5 losses and 2 ties.

Head coach Mr. Anderson envisions greatness for her team. Her team is all about rebuilding and moving forward, and they are doing just that. “My goals are to have a better season than our last and for the girls to progress and improve their skills,” she said. “The season has started off well, and we’re looking to improve every game. New challenges along with fresh faces are brought yearly.”

Playing a sport is a responsibility and has both negative and positive effects on your life. For example, senior Kelly Garcia, goalie, said soccer has given her better health.

“Be dedicated. Even when frustrated, don’t give up. Believe in yourself,” said defender Jennie Villatoro, #11 ”

Most of these 21 girls have formed friendships with each other through common ground of a sport. As senior Andrea Roque, midfielder, said, “We are family due to sharing a passion for soccer.”

On the other hand, junior Jennie Villatoro, defense, said, “I lost most of my non-soccer friends due to my dedication and always hanging out with my team.”

Skills are achieved through intense practice. Most of these girls have been playing for 3 to 4 years and a few even since kindergarten, which is why they have acquired such skills. To join the team, you need determination, endurance, passion and patience. Sophomore Joemi Lemus, center midfielder, said, “Be dedicated, practice all the time, and have a positive mindset.”

“Forgetting all my problems is the best part about being in the team,” said center midfielder Joemi Lemus, #10”

Some players who have stood out this season and who Ms. Anderson would like to shout out  for are: Laleska Figueroa, defense, for “Fast plays”; Idalia Quinteros, defense, due to it being her first year and giving it her all; Eliyh Salmeran, forward, for her determination and effort; Wendy Amaya, forward, for maximum effort; and Kelly Garcia, goalie, for really stepping up as goalie.

Ms. Anderson would like to add, “Overall the team has made a great effort and shown much improvement since last year.”