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Miami High’s Dance Team

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Miami High’s Dance Team

The dance team debuted at the 2017 winter show.

The dance team debuted at the 2017 winter show.

The dance team debuted at the 2017 winter show.

The dance team debuted at the 2017 winter show.

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Have you heard of our new dance team? If you walk into the auditorium after school, you might see them rehearsing.

The B&G dance crew was born this year as a result of a student’s idea. English teacher and Miami High alumna Ms. Guerra is the team’s advisor. She said the dance team is “meant to be a form of expression for students who love music, art, and having fun.”

The auditions were after school on October 30 in room 3325. About 30-40 students showed up, but only 20 students made the team.


B&G Crew

The team name B&G crew stands for blue and gold, our school colors. They will be performing different dance styles including: contemporary, hip hop, jazz, and some Broadway. These styles require a lot of technique. The team’s dance instructor, Elsy Calix, an alumna, has been working on teaching the students ballet principles, contemporary, and hip hop.

The B&G crew rehearsing their choreography.

How It Formed 

The idea for the team started with a student who was adamant about starting the team. That student, however, ended up leaving the school, but since many students had already expressed their interest in the dance crew, Ms. Guerra decided to “keep it alive.” She decided to sponsor the team because, “I thought it was important for students to have a way to express themselves physically after focusing all day on school work.”


Why Join?

The dancers have different reasons for joining the team. Freshman Eslyn Gonzalez said, “It’s an environment where I can meet people who feel just as passionate as I do for dancing. I can also have my dancing doses, which I need every day.”

Sophomore Nathalie Alvarez, who has a passion for dance, said, “I wanted to be part of the school. Also, I don’t like exercise, but dancing is a good way to be healthy.”


The Future of The Team

The B&G dance crew is looking forward to performing at the school’s Christmas show, as well as at the spring competition.

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