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Ms. Rivero is All About the High!

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Ms. Rivero is All About the High!

Ms. Rivero graduated from Miami High in 1989

Ms. Rivero graduated from Miami High in 1989

Ms. Rivero graduated from Miami High in 1989

Ms. Rivero graduated from Miami High in 1989

By Helen Acevedo

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Class of ’89 alumna, former Miami High cheerleader, and our current activities director Ms. Rivero has done the most to give back to the school that has brought her so much joy and so many memories.


Former Miami High Student

Miami High was different when she came here in the late 1980’s. Aside from the physical features of the school, she remembers the students being a bit more spirited.

Academically, Ms. Rivero describes herself as a pretty average student back then. She wasn’t a part of any clubs, but she was a cheerleader and was very involved within the school.

She recalls cheerleading being her favorite part of high school. In her senior year the boys basketball team made it to states, and she was able to go to the game with the cheer team and watch them win the State Championship.  “Everything was great,” she said “I had a great high school experience.”


From Teacher to Activities Director

After graduating from Miami High, Ms. Rivero initially wanted to take on a career in psychology, but because she was already working part time jobs at schools, she realized she enjoyed being around young people, and she wanted to be there for them.

After graduating, Ms. Rivero began working towards her degree in teaching at Miami Dade Community College. In 1994 she became a parent and took some time off from school in order to take care of her daughter.

In 1999 she decided to go back to school and ended up working at Booker T. Washington Senior High while earning her bachelor’s degree in special education. In 2004, she became a teacher of intensive reading and language arts to SPED students at Booker T where she said her time was well spent from 1999-2007.

In 2007 she started as the activities director at Miami Beach Senior High where she worked from 2007 until 2012. “As activities director you are in charge of so many things and so many different tasks are thrown at you, there truly is something different every day,” she said.

In 2012 a spot for an activities director opened up at Miami High, and of course Ms. Rivero couldn’t let her chance to come back to her alma mater slip away. She has worked at Miami High ever since and has followed through with the strong traditions the school holds while also making some new ones.

Ms. Rivero has always wanted to help create a fun and unforgettable high school experience for the students that walk the halls today. “You get this great feeling when you walk into this school. I wanted to share my experience from when I was in high school with the students here,” she said.

Being the Senior Class Advisor came with her job as activities director, and Ms. Rivero has enjoyed being able to contribute to one of the most important years of a student’s life. “I’ve had the opportunity to bring new senior events like Senior Week and Senior Breakfast and have them become a tradition at the school,” she said.

She currently works alongside with some of her former Class of ’89 Stingarees such as principal Mr. Valdes and attendance office manager Mabel Garcia, and with some teachers that were here when she was a student, such as Mr. Tornillo, Dr. Hueck, and Mr. Waldo Rodriguez. She believes that working with kids and teachers helps keeps her young. “There are so many things that I love about my job and I love that I can impact these kids in a positive way,” said Ms. Rivero.

Ms. Rivero (far right) on a trip to SeaWorld with the student government

Life Away from MHS

Ms. Rivero was born to two Cuban parents on April 7th, 1971, in Manhattan, New York. Her family moved to Miami when she was two years old. She has two older sisters.

One of her most vivid childhood memories was being able to be a part of an organization called Santa Marta de Ortigueira, a Spanish family country club that was exclusive to members.

“Being part of that club was amazing. We had parties and got together every weekend. I made friends and I even learned how to dance flamenco. It was nice to be in a very wholesome environment,” said Ms. Rivero.

Although she has a genuine love for MHS, when she

is not here, she likes to relax and spend time with her family. “I love anything I can do with my family,” she said. “We love to play Rock Band and Guitar Hero.”

Ms. Rivero’s daughter Natalie also graduated from Miami High with the class of 2012. “My daughter could sing , ‘Hoorah’ before she even came here. If we passed Miami High, everyone in my car had to sing ‘Hoorah.’”


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