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By Angie Elvir, Staff Writer

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It’s midnight, and you’re studying for a big exam the next morning. On top of it, you also have to complete homework for your other classes. Now you’re completely stressed out and wonder why you procrastinate so much. But you’re not alone. Nearly everyone in some point of their lives has experienced stress.


What are you currently stressed about?

Many students at Miami High are mostly stressed about school. “I’m currently stressed about balancing yearbook and not losing my grades with all the homework I have been receiving,” said Senior Andy Rodriguez.     For junior Gabriel Chavarria, it’s his AP classes. Senior Laura Vega also said, “I have many challenging classes that demand my focus and attention.”

Many students stress over tests. Junior Alan Varela said, “Exams bring a big chunk of stress on top of you mainly because you have to put everything and everyone aside to study.”

Senior Jenna Turner says, “The FSA stressed me out because I knew I needed it to pass it to graduate. Also, the writing portion made me nervous because of the timing due to the long three passages I had to read.”

According to the American Psychological Association (, “American teens report experiences with stress that follow a similar pattern as adults.” And senior Belen Rodriguez said she’s stressed out with family problems.

How do you cope with feelings of stress?

Everyone has different ways of coping with stress. Belen Rodiguez says, “I usually laugh about it and try not to stress so much.” Junior Henry Elvir said, “I mostly listen to music when I’m stressed out and take breaks.” And senior Kerstin Hernandez  releases stress through exercising, “preferably kickboxing.”


Have there been situations where feeling stressed has been helpful to you?

Even though stress can be very irritating, it also has its advantages.  In the article “Students under pressure” from the American Psychological Association, Mary Alvord, a psychologist in Maryland said that stress can be helpful to high schoolers because it motivates them to study and do better.

In fact, stress can help you accomplish tasks more efficiently, according to the article “Good Stress, Bad Stress” posted on the website

“Whenever I needed to turn in something at the last minute, stress helps me stay on topic and not be distracted,” said senior Will Smith. Senior Maveli Guerrero said, “Feeling stress motivates me to finish my work and I feel the relief after getting it done.”


What types of changes does stress create in the body?

Although stress can be beneficial, it can become negative as well.  Stress usually becomes a challenge when a person hasn’t taken a break or some sort of relief.  According to the article “Stress Management” posted on the website,  common effects of stress on the body are “headaches, chest pain, fatigue, stomach pain and sleeping problems.” Stress not only affects your body but your mood as well. It could give you “anxiety, restlessness, irritability and sadness.”


What advice would you give to someone who is stressed?

Sometimes all a person needs is a little push and assistance to make a difference for anyone who is stressed.  “Do not procrastinate,” said counselor Ms. Blanco. “Do everything on time. Do not leave things for tomorrow when they can be done today.” Junior Jeffery Zepeda says to take it easy and take it step by step. “Because if you rush then things will come out wrong,” he said.

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Angie Elvir, Staff Writer

Senior in Journalism 1


2 Responses to “Stress”

  1. Ayleen Ramirez on January 17th, 2018 5:07 pm

    I agree with you on so many levels this is so true good work keep it up girl

  2. Kelly on January 17th, 2018 7:23 pm

    I can relate to this so much .

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