Oppression of Women!


On January 21st, 2018, in Washington D.C., demonstrators protested about policies regarding human rights. It was the largest one-day protest in U.S. history.

While women have made great progress in achieving equality in American society over the past 100 years, they still are not given the same opportunities as men. Today, on average, a woman earns 80.5 cents for every dollar a man earns, and women’s median annual earnings are $10,086 less than men’s according to data from the U.S. Census Bureau.

According to The Washington Post, the U.S. Congress is 80% white, 92% Christian, and 80% male, so when it comes to making decisions for the diverse American people they are supposed to represent, their decisions are based more on what their beliefs and values are.

For example, on the topic of abortion,  junior Thalia Hernandez says, “Women should have the choice to have the baby or get an abortion because it’s our body and our decision. Sometimes women want to get an abortion because they have been raped and how can you tell her no when the constant thought of the abuse goes through her head?”

Being denied based on your gender is something almost every woman has faced. Hotel worker Claudia Estrauda said, “I have been denied many opportunities because the jobs I have applied for need more male representatives than female representatives.” When I asked senior Jose Sanchez, who works at the same hotel as Claudia, the same question, he said “NO.”

On the other hand, junior Emily Orme said, “I haven’t been denied something based on my gender. As a matter of fact, I have been let into places because I’m a woman, I have gotten compliments that I am beautiful, gotten access to free food, and even free metro passes.”

Many young females are growing up with fear about how they present themselves in public, which is the last thing they should worry about.  “Once I was on the train and some lady told me my shorts were too short,” said senior Ashley Luces.

Junior Aritzel Castillo said, “Usually when my bra strap falls to my shoulder, I get guys pointing it out and making a big deal out of it.”

Claudia Estrauda said, “In the workforce it is mandatory for us females to dress appropriately but guys can dress however they desire, which I believe is not fair.”

Emily Orme says, “Media contributes to the oppression because we have to have straight hair, big hips, long legs, flawless skin and so many other things and that isn’t right. Everyone is different and that should be completely fine. I have tried to embrace my curves and allow myself to be confident even though it’s hard since there is such a social norm.”

Junior Thalia Hernandez said, “Girls should be happy with the body they have no matter how good or bad it is because you are unique, and your differences makes you who you are.”

Is this fair?

  1. “62 million girls are denied an education all over the world.”United Nations Foundation.
  2. Every year, an estimated 15 million girls under 18 are married worldwide, with little or no say in the matter.” Girls Not Brides Organization
  3. “African-American women earn 64 cents and Latina women earn 56 cents for every dollar earned by a Caucasian man.” archives.gov