The High School Experience Guide


By Christopher Bellina

The high school experience is something that you can only do once in your life, and everyone tries to make the best of it. A great way to better your experience is joining a club or sport, and there are so many different clubs or sports available at Miami High.


Why they joined?

Students decide to join a club or sport for different reasons. Sophomore and Interact member Jose Loradelossantos decided to join Interact because his brother, who came to Miami High, was also in Interact in his time here, so Jose decided to continue the tradition. ‘’I was skeptical in the first meeting, but I felt this amazing, happy, inviting energy like a family that could be a squad at the same time.’’

Freshman Anthony Lara, who is also in Interact, joined 5000 Role Models because he wanted to meet new people and hear what the role models say about their experiences and their tips to be successful.

Senior and Beta member Tommy Collins joined the basketball team because he had heard about the team’s special culture and wanted to be part of the history.

Sophomore Carlos Cordova, who is also a member of Beta, decided to join Color Guard because he had heard so much about it even before his freshman year at Miami High.

Upperclassmen Kelley Espinosa and Abigail Ruiz joined Color Guard because they wanted an experience and a challenge, which they got.


What do the coaches and sponsors think?

The club sponsors and coaches believe students should be part of something bigger then themselves during their time in high school. Being in a club or sport makes you a well-rounded individual, says Beta sponsor Dr. Hueck.

Algebra 1 teacher and basketball coach Mr. Wilson believes ‘’being on a team improves social skills and shows the value of teamwork.’’

Football coach and social studies teacher Mr. Bernard said playing a sport will show up on your job history and will open more doors as far as scholarships and colleges.

Key Club sponsor and English teacher Ms. Zamora believes clubs and sports give you a sense of place, which makes you must feel like you’re part of something and you have a purpose.  Similarly, physical science teacher and soccer coach Mr. Zungia said students become part of the Sting Town family which improves their well-being and keeps them off the streets.

Robotics club sponsor and Algebra 1 teacher Mr. Jara says that being in a club can give you an insight on what you are capable of doing.


Whats their favorite part of being in the club?

The clubs and sports students participate in have greatly impacted them not only as students or as members of their respective club or sport, but also as people. Senior Jannifer Rodriguez said playing on the girls basketball team for four years changed her perspective on basketball but on life as a whole because she can recall being very impatient a few years ago, but through being on the team, she has learned the importance of patience and waiting.

Tommy Collins said that his playing for the basketball team for the past 4 years has made him trust the guidance and system that the coach has made. The brotherhood that he has with his senior brothers is also something that he acquired and hopes it will last even after high school.

These students all have favorite parts of being in their respective club or sport is. ‘’Being on the basketball team has made me the person I am today. It gave me motivation to keep doing good as a student and person,” said Jannifer Rodriguez.

Jose Loradelossantos likes the diversity of the people because you never know who will be your next friend there.

Anthony Lara said the best part of being in the 5000 Role Models program is ‘’getting to meet all the Role Models.’’

Color Guard member Abigail Ruiz said that the marching season is the best part because, it’s a very creative and open event because the other bands show what they bring to the field.

Carlos Cordova said the best part of being in Color Guard and Beta is a comfort zone for him because of all the friends he has between both clubs.