Spring Festival 2018


By Emely Herrera, Editor-in-Chief

On May 25th, S.G.A. held their annual Spring festival in the Asylum with clubs manning the food stands and games (that came with prizes). Food stations included Class of 2018 with nachos, Class of 2020 with hotdogs, and Class of 2021 with popcorn. Mu Alpha Theta sold pizza and allowed students to play ping pong for free with each purchase. Key Club sold drinks, while Color Guard had snow cones. Games included Beta’s pudding pie challenge, Thespians’ balloon popping, Class of 2019’s bracelet making, F.E.A.’s cup pong, R-Tech’s extreme tic-tac toe, Honoria’s Hoop challenge which is not to be confused with cosmetology’s hoola hoop challenge.