Spring Concert Steals the Spotlight


Ms. Cid's advanced choir.

By Victoria Vazquez, Staff Writer

The spring concert for piano, chorus, and guitar on May 16th came just in time to celebrate and show off all the hard work that Ms. Cid’s students have put in throughout the year. It was a spectacular show with performances by beginning and advanced guitar, women’s choir, men’s choir, beginning and advanced choir and solos by Liliam Montero, Alfred Cardenas, Lucia Ona, Mariah Gonzalez, Mayra Chavez, Jasmine Bermudez, Mariah Moran, Jason Albizu, and Jade Santiago.

There was a tribute to seniors in which all the choirs sang “For Good” and each senior came forward to be honored with a rose and sing along. Awards were presented for next year’s officers: President Ashley Yuen, Vice-President Mariah Moran, Secretary Brianna Arroliga, Treasurer Jade Santiago, Historian Carina Hernandez, Open Mic Night manager Lucia Ona. “It was great being able to make music with the seniors that are graduating now,” said Ms. Cid. “We can’t wait to have another great year next year.”