It’s the End of the Year — Who’s Still Working?


Students in Algebra 1 sitting back and watching a Harry Potter movie

By Juliana Jaramillo, Staff Writer

When you walk into Miami High classrooms, what do you see right now? Kids studying? Reading? The end of the year is around the corner, and apparently “senioritis” has spread down into other grades. Kids all over the place have checked out of school early and don’t want to pick up their pencils.

David Perez, a senior, chuckled as he said that the most work he’d do in class, is come up with a good argument on what movie to pick. Yosmany Rodríguez, another senior, agreed saying, “These last few days, I come to school and sit back to relax.”

On the other hand, students like Lianet Garcia, a junior, said, “Even after testing, I haven’t stopped studying. I have my SAT test in the summer.”

Just because the bell rings, doesn’t mean they stop working. Thais Maradiaga, a sophomore, said, “Some of my teachers are still giving me work; they’re relentless.”

Victoria Hernández, a sophomore, said that it’s “crunch time” right now and making plans for the summer can be stressful.

Many kids like Stephanie Alpazar, a junior, are “trying to finish up all the forms for summer internships.”