The Final Thoughts of Being In Journalism


Johnny Silva working on issue 5 for the newspaper.

When I first came into Journalism, I never thought that it would be one of my favorite classes. Although I barely talked to people in the class, I did enjoy interviewing people trying to see their perspective on story topics. Not only that but I also liked reading other students’ stories as well. The year I had in journalism was fun for me and I wish to have the class again next year.


At first, I thought that getting interviews for a story would be difficult because I’m not a talking dude. However, once I got my first interview, I started getting used to it and enjoyed myself talking to people about their topics. Although I had friends say the class was boring, I gave it a chance, and I ended up liking the class. Now once I publish a story, they are the first ones to ask what page the story is on.


The best part of this class was publishing a story, seeing your hard work finally coming to an end and seeing people read your story. I also enjoyed knowing that some people can relate to the story in a way that it impacts them. Journalism is a great class to write about problems at the school or any other subjects which affect the society.


What makes the class fun, you may ask? That would be the teacher Mr. DeNight, who gives us freedom to write about any topic that he thinks will relate to students. When he teaches, he tries to get each student’s opinion on stories other students wrote to try and improve in their next story. Although it’s tough to take in bad reviews, it helps to try to avoid those mistakes. Mr. DeNight has improved my writing skills this year, and I hope to take the class again next year.