Meet the biology specialist


Ms. Pomareda, a Coral Gables High School graduate, has been teaching biology at Miami High 11 going on 12 years.

One great biology teacher for 10th graders is Ms. Pomareda, who teaches her class with a great enthusiastic attitude, full of energy, and not biased or unfair about her grading.


Biology Teacher  

Ms. Pomareda has been a teacher since 2000 starting at Braddock Senior High, but has been at Miami Senior High since 2007. Before teaching she was a receptionist at a church office for 5 years, and that was the only job she had before teaching.

She decided to be a biology teacher when she got interested by a friend’s textbook in college. Surprisingly, she used to hate biology back in her high school days. Immediately after she knew what she wanted to do with her life, she started to study hard, got her degree, and developed her own teaching style.

An FIU graduate, Ms. Pomareda majored in biology education. When asked if a career in teaching has matched her explanations, she replied, “No because you realize that you do not change everybody’s world you but you can change certain people’s world and inspire them with what you do”.

The best part of her job is the interaction with the students and the fun activities done in class. The worst part is the grading, which is very time-consuming, and having to contact the parents of unruly students.


Parent of MH students                 

Ms. Pomareda is the proud mother of two Miami High students: her daughter, who is a junior, and her son, a freshman. She loves having her kids close by to help them and to know what’s going on with them. Ms. Pomareda said that her daughter loves Miami High and when it was time for her to attend high school, she only wanted to go to Miami High. Her son is now going through an adjustment period early in his high school career.

Her advice to teachers in Miami High who would want to send their kids here is “It’s great when you think about it, but when your kids are in Miami High, you must treat them like regular students and not give them special treatment.”


Life before teaching.

Ms. Pomareda was born in August of 1978 in Miami to a middle-class Cuban family. She attended Auburndale Elementary, Miami Springs Middle, and Coral Gables High School from where she graduated in 1996. Growing up, she was a very shy and introverted kid. “I was a goody-two-shoes afraid of breaking rules because I might get in trouble,” she said.


Away from work

When she is away from work, Ms. Pomareda’s favorite hobbies are reading and sitting to relax. Her two favorite places to visit outside of Miami are Disney World and Tennessee. Though she does not dine out often, her favorite restaurant to visit is Caribe because she knows the people there and her family gets good service and prices.


Did you know?

. Ms. Pomareda used to hate biology back in high school.

. She was a receptionist at a church and this was her only job before teaching.

. Ms. Pomareda has been teaching at Miami high since 2007.

. As a kid, she was an introvert that kept to herself mostly.