Raise Your Argument, Not Your Voice

By Juliana Jaramillo, Staff

Don’t hate it; just debate it.  The debate team at Miami High is a star-studded group of 13 individuals who are ready to “not argue but explain why [they’re] right,” as member Andrea Reyes describes it.  They are extremely competitive and participate in the year-round Urban Debate League with over 15 schools.

They prepare by reading hundreds and hundreds of news articles and research papers that pertain to the topic of the year. By the end of the year they become experts in their subject and have a chance at competing for a national spot in Washington, D.C.

History teacher Mr. Norori has taken on the task of being Miami High’s new debate coach. It’s his second year here, and debate is the first club he’s sponsoring. While being interviewed, the corner of his eyes crinkled, and it was obvious that he was happy with his added title. He acquired the position after many of his coworkers recommended to the administration that he’d be the best fit for the debate club.

He earned his degree in Liberal studies and Criminology from the University of Miami where he developed excellent public speaking skills. However, when first approached about the position, he was in doubt about accepting. Nonetheless, that didn’t last long. He said, “The members of this team are so passionate and hardworking,” which makes him glad that he agreed to the position. Mr. Norori then exclaimed that he is prepared to push the team to becoming their best selves, trusting one another, and representing winners.


History teacher Mr.Norori is the new Debate coach

Mr. Norori was a member of the 2011 graduating class of Miami High. While attending, he was part of Student Government (secretary), multiple honor societies, the legal magnet, and president of HIP. He cheerfully pointed out, “We won first place at the homecoming parade my senior year. What an amazing feeling!”

The Urban Debate League chose “Immigration” as this year’s topic.  Andres Chavarria, a junior on the team, explained that he’s overjoyed with the choice. “It’s an extremely prevalent topic that I feel a lot of people want to talk about, but aren’t informed enough. After this year I can spread my knowledge on the topic.”


Team treasurer Kevin Garcia said, “Things might get heated, but we’ll stick to the facts.” Mr. Norori added, “Immigration impacts the life of the community Miami High serves, so it’s an issue that needs to be discussed.”

If you enjoy public speaking and researching topics, it’s highly recommended that you pass by Mr. Norori’s classroom (1308) and pick up an application. It is required that you have a minimum of 2.0 GPA (unweighted) and be “committed to working hard,” as Mr. Norori put it. You should also be aware that all competitions take place on Saturdays and can last up to 6 hours.