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Facts About ALHY • ALHY was conceptualized by Johnny Dinero who created the group with Shwiirly. • ALHY isn’t just rap, but includes R&B sounds in the mixture. • Johnny Dinero’s “ALHY’s Hoodlum Holidays” consist of 12 songs which include every member of the group but Rckswrld. • ALHY isn’t just a group of rappers; it’s a family of teens that help and inspire each other to make different, hard hitting music. • ALHY is comprised of 6 members Shwiirly, NU1SANCE, Tess Grey, Kid Anxiety, Rckswrld, and Johnny Dinero.

By Rickey Paredes, Staff Writer

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Collage made by Rickey Paredes


All rising musicians start somewhere. ALHY (all-hi), a group of Miami High students, is no different. They are a group led by juniors Johnny Dinero, Shwiirly, Rckswrld, Nuisance, and freshman Tess Grey as well as Kid Anxiety, making music in different genres. ALHY hopes to raise awareness about musicians from South Florida.

ALHY as a group said, “We don’t make the same thing as everyone else. We are far more versatile than others, branching from rap to rock rather than sticking just to one genre.”


Recorded Music

ALHY has released over 50 songs to Soundcloud. ALHY’s “Hoodlum Holidays” is a mixtape that is set to release December 25th featuring all members of the band.

Shwiirly said, “We have put a lot of effort into this project, and all I got to say is that people are going to be impressed, December 25th. Mark your calendars.”

Making music hasn’t always been easy for them. According to Johnny Dinero, “Making music has always been a challenge, but it’s always fun to record with all of us.”

Each song has a different message. Rckswrld said, “All of us have a different sound, mine being more on a dark side of normal rock and rap.” Nuisance said, “My music is just to get people to rage and to get up and jump around.”



Only two members, Johnny Dinero and Tess Grey, have performed in front of a crowd with their song “Hopeless Romantic.” Johnny Dinero said, “We are working on getting into shows in January and to start performing. All of us haven’t performed due to the simple fact of not reaching out to venues to perform and to spread our music.”



Artist XXXTENTACION, who was murdered in June of 2018, is the biggest inspiration to everyone in ALHY. The members all said that XXXTENTACION had a message to spread that they idolized, and they want to take that torch. Rckswrld and Johnny Dinero both said that he was spreading a message as big as you are never alone and that you aren’t the only one going through a bad situation. They said, “Maybe kids can get some sort of relief listening to our music.”


Goals for ALHY

ALHY has had the same goal which has made them become the group that they are. Johnny Dinero said they want to be the biggest group to come out of Florida and to be able to help their fans out, rather than keep everything to themselves.

When asked where they see ALHY in 5 years, Kid Anxiety said, “Performing in front of hundreds and seeing our fans shout our songs at the top of their lungs.”


Why the name ALHY?

Coming from Miami, Johnny Dinero came up with the name ALHY which stands for Allapattah Little Havana Youngins. “I came up with the name by just where we’re all from. Myself, I’m from Allapattah; everyone else is from Little Havana. It’s also just something catchy and easy to remember,” he said.

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