The Beauty in Our School

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The Beauty in Our School

By Priscila Rivas

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   Have you ever wondered who’s making the art murals that surround the halls of the main building in Miami High? Who are these artists and how do they come up with such incredible paintings?

According to the art teacher Ms. Lee, her own students make the outstanding paintings right in her classroom before they’re displayed for everyone else to admire. Ms. Lee said that 25-30 students in her porfolio classes dedicate half of the year to sketching and drawing to create their art mural.

She also explains how students are able to see the space for their art mural, brainstorm, and develop ideas all before picking up the pencil to start. She said, “I admire all my students’ drawings because they’re all well done, such as the ones with a social message about pride and friendship.”

Ms. Lee credits principal Mr. Valdes as the person behind it all. “He wanted to find a way for students to show their talents and beautify the school,” she said.

Miami High students shared their opinions on their favorite art murals. Vice president of class of 2021 Venus Galban states, “I love the one of LGBTQ located in front of room 1217 because I support it and believe that everyone should proud of who they are.”

Sophomore Yadira Rodriguez loves the drawing of the girl with a lot of inspirational words on her mind located across from room 1220 because it looks very deep and interesting.

Sophomore Jesus Peralta states, “The unicorn located next to room 1215 is so cool because I love animals and mythical creatures.”

Football coach Mr. Bernard likes the one titled “Born To Lead” located next to room 1221 because “I’m big into manhood, and I like for young men at MHS to follow my lead on it.”

Some students like the same art mural.  Students Jadie Juarez, Austin Osejo, Sebastian Rojas, Juan Flores, and Keila Pupo all love the Naruto art mural located next to room 1212. Sophomore Jadie Juarez states, “I really like seeing other students showing their talent by drawing anime.”

Senior Austin Osejo says, “I admire the Naruto mural, because it focuses a lot on the details about him which are very perfect and specifically drawn.”

Juan Flores, also a senior, says, “The Naruto drawing looks like it took a lot of time and dedication.”