A Cheerfully Experience

By Adriana Gutierrez

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By Adriana Gutierrez


Y- Because our team is

E- Electrifying

S-Cause we’re the stings



Reasons to Join

Our cheers bring the spirit to the crowd and make the football and basketball games more enjoyable, but that’s not the only reason why I became a cheerleader.

Some people may think that the position comes with popularity or might be under the impression that you have access to football players and other athletes that will ensure you have plenty of dates. Others might think you do it because of how great you look in the uniforms. None of these reasons are why I joined the squad. I decided to join during my junior year because I admired their hard work and team effort. I wanted to be part of that cheer family.


“Becoming a cheerleader changed my whole senior experience. I felt that it was a perfect fit for me since I enjoy giving a reason to smile, laugh, and have a good time.”


Going into the try-out process, I had a mix of emotions. When I went to the informational meeting, there were so many girls around me which made me doubt my chances of getting in. Especially trying out as a junior might make you think you have no opportunity.  From my experience, however, that doesn’t mean anything if you show that you got what the team is looking for.

For tryouts you must learn a cheer, a chant, and a dance. In order to learn these, you must attend one week of practice. Although I was trying out by myself, other girls were doing it with their friends. I think this helped me focus more. There were girls that had dropped out by the second day, but I decided that was not going to be me. Giving up was not an option.

After learning what’s required, then you have to show the judges what you learned. That’s when you must give your best and show them you got the spirit. I remember the nerves that everyone had, including myself. I was one of the last groups to perform for the judges, and I was practically in the front, but everything flowed.

I went home satisfied that I didn’t give up on something that I wanted to be.  The next step was waiting. Team leaders had your schedule and the officers go to your classes where you are expected to perform one of the things you learned in front of the class. One of my friends texted me to give me the heads-up that they were going into classes. I wanted to be calm, but when I saw them walking into my math class, I couldn’t control myself. They made me do the cheer, and I tried to contain my emotions. Everything was so fast, and next thing I know, they were tagging me.


The Work, The Challenges

Being a cheerleader comes with many responsibilities, because you’re not only representing the squad, but also the school.  In my experience as a cheerleader, I noticed how hard and how much work the team gives to make sure the school enjoys our performances. The intense practice during summer is unbelievable. It literally takes your whole vacation, but during this time is when we bond and get to know each other. I never understood that working out could be fun until I became a cheerleader.

Learning the cheers and the traditions of Miami High was another challenge. I’m not going to say it was simple and easy, but it’s not impossible, and once you practice, they grow on you.

Another challenge is trying different stunts to increase our skills and show the crowd new things to enjoy. I was not expecting to be one of the girls that had to be lifted into the air. Once they told me I was a flyer, my first expression was, “Oh, God” since I had never done this before. Even though flying can be difficult, like every new thing, that’s where the trust in your bases comes in. They’re the ones that guide you to the stunt and lift you up. I’m grateful for my bases they have been so patient with me and supportive. They and the team as a whole have always pushed me to believe in myself.


 It’s All Worth It

Multiple people ask me if being a cheerleader is worth it, and I always answer them w

“To me, cheerleading means starting something new, creating a family, and growing together.”

ith a big YES. I totally recommend others to join. I understand that some people add labels to us, but these are just outsiders that don’t even comprehend what being a cheerleader is and the work that we give to show our spirit. Many times, while we are practicing on the field, we see people that make fun of us or they try to do what we’re doing. I just ignore them and focus on practice, but it does bother me that people don’t show respect.

I met amazing people on the team that I will never forget and had a fantastic advisor that would always look out for us. Cheering made me realize that it was not an easy sport and not everyone will support what cheerleading is. We have to prove ourselves to gain respect.

Becoming a cheerleader changed my whole senior experience. I felt that it was a perfect fit for me since I enjoy giving a reason to smile, laugh, and have a good time. To me, cheerleading means starting something new, creating a family, and growing together.