The Love For Anime


By Priscila Rivas, Staff Writer

Did you know in Japan, more papers are used to print manga than toilet paper? According to “Anime World The Land Of Manga” a blog by Cassidy Carr on the  website <>/, anime has been around since the late 1910s, and more than 40 new Anime appear on television per week. Anime has all genres but Sci-Fi is by far the most popular.

Students at Miami High like different animes. In fact, Miami High has a club, Anime Nation, for students who are fans. Club advisor Mr.Ricknauth said that the club meets weekly every Monday. Most activities done in the club involve watching anime and discussing everyone’s point of view. See Mr. Ricknauth, in room 3312 if you would like to join.

For Anime Nation treasurer Alexander Romero, and Mr. Ricknauth, the best animes are Dragon Ball Z and Digimon. They said, “There’s no limit to what an artist can do.”    Vice president of Class of 2021 Venus Galban likes Dragon Ball because it’s been around for many years, and it still keeps going.

For sophomore Jesus Peralta, it is Death Note because of the tension and mystery it carries through the whole anime. Keila Pupo, also a sophomore, likes Haikyuu because “I enjoy playing their sport of volleyball, so I can relate to them.”

Some students actually watch anime with subtitles and hear it in Japanese. Sophomore Triana Romero watches Tokyo Ghoul in subtitles because she says it’s the original version of the anime. Junior Armando Rodriguez states he is fascinated by the Japanese language and would rather watch it with subtitles.

Most students, however feel more comfortable hearing it in dubbed English. Junior Kevin Cordero, who watches the anime One Piece in dub, states, “It is hard for me to read the subtitles while there is so much action going on.” Sophomore Jadie Juarez watches the anime Naruto in dub because it’s easier to understand.

Some students would rather read the manga rather than watch the anime as videos. For freshmen Stephan Hernandez, reading the manga for Seven Deadly Sins is more informational than the videos. For sophomore Melissa Cruz, “The manga for My Hero Academia is more advanced than the video itself and it’s more accurate.” For  Anime Nation treasurer junior Alexander Romero, reading the manga has more specific details and can also improve his reading.

For others, however, watching the anime is more exciting. Junior Leonardo Mejia believes watching the anime Fullmetal Alchemist is more exciting because of the music that’s being played in every intense situations.

Sophomore Gabriella Morales said, “Watching the anime Attack On Titan gets you excited because of all the action going on.”


Did you Know?

  • Anime is not a “cartoon” despite the popular belief, but an art form.
  • When Kishimoto was developing the original Naruto manga, he initially had not intended to create Sasuke, but after speaking with his editor about the future of the series, he was advised to create a rival for the main character of the series, which resulted in Sasuke’s creation.
  • Each resident of Japan spends around 30 dollars for manga each year.
  • Sailor Moon creator and Hunter x Hunter creator are married.
  • The average Japanese animator earns below minimum wage (despite ridiculous hours).