Mr. Zabala’s 1000th Orchid

Mr. Zabala said that the project won't stop here.

Mr. Zabala said that the project won't stop here.

By Mayisha Perez, Staff Writer

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Assistant principal Mr. Zabala placed his 1000th orchid on the Miami campus on April 18th. It all started in December 2013 when he had a vision of making Miami Senior High’s courtyards even more beautiful than what they already were by placing orchids throughout them.

His goal was to have orchids placed on every single tree capable of supporting them. He placed his very first orchid on February 18th, 2014, and 5 years and 2 months later, placed the 1000th orchid. His favorite orchid is one that belonged to his godmother, but he brought here to Miami High.

“The 1000th orchid project won’t stop here,” he said. “I will continue, but at a slower pace.”

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