New Stings, New Wings!

By Matthew Rey, Staff Writer

Freshmen and transfer students have a lot to get into when they go to a new high school. It’s a completely new environment filled with unknowns and uncertainty. It’s a big adjustment because incoming students have new classes, new teachers, new classmates, and a completely new campus to navigate and explore, and this can make anyone uncomfortable and lost.

But here at Miami High, students are welcomed by the loving staff and student body with the many opportunities the school has to offer. Incoming students are trying to take everything in, the good and the not so good, so they can transition better into their new school environment.


Why Miami High?

Many freshmen and transfer students have their reasons for coming to Miami High. Sophomore transfer student Anari transferred from Miami Springs Senior High School because of the sports programs offered at Miami High.

She also did not like Miami Springs and transferred here because in her mind Miami High was a better environment for her in general. After her transfer to Miami High she made many good friends who she feels proud of getting to know and she’s happy that she is now able to attend a school that offers her an endless amount of opportunities in clubs and in academic classes.


Making the transition

Going into a new school environment for any student can be a scary and nerve-racking experience. But here at Miami High, students transitioning to the school mostly say that it’s been a positive and exciting time for them.  Freshman Genesis Hernandez, coming from Kinloch Middle School, says that she was looking forward to coming to Miami High because her sister graduated from here. She knew that Miami High was perfect for her.

What she really enjoys about the school environment is that everyone minds their own business here and doesn’t go around trying to start any problems with anybody, which is the opposite of her old school in Kinloch which she describes as “a total mess.” Genesis thinks that Miami High is a perfect fit for her.


The classroom experience

What really makes a high school experience good or not is the classes that students take. Some   new students like their classes for the subject that is being taught or for the teacher that is teaching the subject. For Alexander Garcia, a junior transferring from Hialeah Educational Academy, his favorite class that he looks forward to is his World History class. What he enjoys about his class is that his he feels that his teacher actually helps him to learn. He also enjoys the class because he likes to learn about the past of Europe and the United States.


Tips for incoming students


  • The more comfortable a student is with his or her classes, the better they transition into their new school environment.

Ms. Dayma Echeverria, 10th grade counselor.


  • Fit into the culture of the school to get a sense of its rhythm by joining sports teams, clubs and, participating in school activities such as homecoming.   Marcus Carreno, Physical Education teacher