Life As a Single Parent


Single mother Dinorah Chang, interviewed in the story, around the time she first became my single mother.

By Nathalie Chang, Staff Writer

Being a single parent is something that most people don’t ask for, but it’s something that many people must get used to.

There are a lot of challenges that come with being a single parent. “Lack of money, working two jobs with small children, raising children by yourself, hustling from working to taking the kids to school,” said my single mom Dinorah Chang. “The biggest challenge is financial problems,” said another single parent Ms. Wilcox, who is also the SPED department director at Miami High. “It’s hard to pay your rent, because rent is so expensive.”

There are rewards despite the challenges. “Being a single parent in general is the hardest,” said Ms. Wilcox, “but it’s the most important thing in someone’s life.”

“When you do something with love it’s not hard,” said Dinorah Chang. “It can be challenging and difficult, but I love being a mother.”

Aside from all the rollercoasters and challenges that these mothers have faced, always remember that there are some advantages to raising your children alone. “I don’t have to answer to anybody,” said my best friend’s single mom Yalaina Sanchez. “I’m the boss.” Single mother Dinorah Chang said, “I enjoy doing what I want and being able to travel.”

Children can also be affected by having a single parent. “It can affect a child because children need both of their parents,” said single mother Dinorah Chang. “Even though you can do it by yourself, kids need both of their parents.”

“The struggles I went through, and I wasn’t financially there for my kids, after my divorce I had to redo everything, and it made my kids have to grow up and mature,” said single mother Yalaina Sanchez.

Everyone has accomplishments in life especially these powerful and independent women. “I was able to get two master’s degrees and I work two jobs,” said SPED department director Ms. Wilcox.

“My biggest accomplishment is my children and being the best mother I could be,” said single mother Dinorah Chang. “Having my kids has been my biggest accomplishment” said single mother Yalaina Sanchez, “and to see how they came out and matured.”

For many single mothers life gets a little bit easier as time passes. “More stability, consistency, patience, you just have a lot more wisdom and experience,” said Yalaina Sanchez.

“I’m happier and I’m more confident in myself,” said Dinorah Chang. “I learned to forgive and forget.”

If you know someone about to become a single parent, it’s a rollercoaster of all the good and bad but the most important thing is to never give up. Here are some inspiring words from these amazing women. “Have patience, never forget to worry about your own health including your kids,” said Yalaina Sanchez. “Have the time to study, because once you have everything in order, then the play time could come.”

“Don’t stress out so much because it will get better,” said Dinorah Chang.

“You can do anything,” said Ms. Wilcox. “There is help for you, whether it be friends or support groups.”

My Experience

In my own experience, having a single parent was hard for me growing up. I had to watch my mom try her best to fully be there for my brothers and me. Despite her struggles, I am forever grateful for everything she has provided for me and my brothers.