Where is your ID?


School ID’s of Sophmore Jissell Banegas & Nicole Roque

By Sebastian Lafond, Staff Writer

Student safety is of utmost importance in any school setting. Enforcing rules to enable school safety is challenging, but there are many reasons for that. School IDs are among one of the most ignored safety precautions among the student body.

School IDs are an important part of the school uniform, but many students have different opinions about them. “IDs are important because of safety precautions,” said an anonymous female sophomore. On the downside, she said, “The pictures could be way better and less pixilated.”

Some students don’t mind wearing their IDs as it is nothing new and isn’t something they care too much about. Junior Dany Torres said, “IDs have been part of the school uniform for a while now, it’s really not a big deal.”

Others, however, aren’t convinced that IDs promote school safety. Sophomore Nicole Roque said, “I think IDs are not effective because people may wear them, but there are too many kids to pay attention to all their IDs. At one point, teachers and other staff will stop asking for IDs because there are too many kids.”

Since IDs are part of school protocol there are repercussions for not wearing them. Assistant principal Mr. Arscott said, “First you get a warning, then sent to CSI, and then parents get called.”

Regarding the benefits from wearing IDs, Mr. Arscott pointed out that, “IDs help our OJT students avoid any issues with security when leaving school.” This is helpful to students who have to leave early and don’t have to deal with the hassle of identifying themselves at the school’s main entrance.

School dress code:

Tops: Polos (navy, gold, white).  MHS club jerseys, and other MHS t-shirts approved by the Activities & Athletic Office may be worn on Fridays.

Undershirts & t-shirts under polos: Must be completely tucked into pants.

Pants: Must be navy, khaki or blue jeans.

Shorts: Bermuda shorts (knee-length) in navy, khaki or blue jeans.

Skirts: Must be no shorter than 4” above the knee in navy, khaki or blue jeans.

Source: https://www.miamiseniorhigh.org