Valentine’s Day Isn’t Just Hearts & Chocolates

Photo by Depositphotos

By Nathalie Chang, Online-Editor-In-Chief


   The word love means a lot to me. It’s not just a word or something you say to someone, but it is an expression to show people you care about them. Love is not just for romantic relationships; it’s for family, friends, and your classmates. 

   There are so many ways you can show love to an individual. You can compliment them like Hercules compliments Magera for her beauty in the Disney film “Hercules”. You can help them like Ryder helps Rapunzel get out of her tower to see the lanterns in “Rapunzel”, care for them like Carl cares for his wife Ellie in the Pixar Film “Up” ,and support them like Prince Naveen supports Tiana in following her dream to open her own restaurant in the Disney film “Princess and the Frog”.  

I express love through writing because it’s one of the ways I know best. Writing cards, letters and notes for people makes me happy, especially seeing their faces after they read something I wrote. 

   A child’s Valentine’s can differ from an adult’s Valentine’s in two ways, money and time. A child’s Valentine’s are filled with chocolate, stuffed animals and balloons, most likely bought by their parents. When it comes to an adult Valentine’s Day it starts to change because they can be consumed with their jobs which means that they don’t have the time to buy things for their loved ones. An adult also has more freedom than a child because they can do whatever they want to do for Valentine’s day and a child needs permission from their parents if they want to buy or go somewhere for Valentine’s Day. 

 Since my childhood, Valentine’s Day didn’t mean a lot to me. I remember seeing people get balloons and cards, but I also saw people get left out or feeling down about themselves; they thought just because they didn’t get anything that nobody loved them. Although Valentine’s Day is a cute and adorable holiday, it has its flaws. The “normal” for Valentine’s Day is needing someone or being in a relationship to celebrate it.  

Valentine’s Day is all nice when you have somebody with you on that day, but if you are single, it’s not the best sight to see the entire day. However, celebrating Valentine’s Day with friends and family members is just as valid as celebrating with a significant other.  

  When I think of holidays, Valentine’s Day isn’t one I’m most excited for. I love romance and I love to listen to love songs, but when February 14th comes, that’s when I start to count the hours until the day is over. To me Valentine’s Day is overrated and should not get the hype that it gets every year because love, romance and spreading kindness should be celebrated every day.


5 Fun Facts About Valentine’s Day 

  1. The first heart-shaped box of chocolates was introduced in 1861. 
  2. St. Valentine wasn’t just one person. 
  3. Conversation hearts got their start as medical lozenges. 
  4. Lovebirds are actual birds. 
  5. The first Valentine was sent in the 15th century.