Dogs vs. Cats


By Sebastian Lafond, Staff Writer

A great companion and great responsibility to be added into a family is a pet. Many people have different opinions on which pet is better, most commonly cats and dogs. Both pets have their pros and cons, and each can serve a different purpose for their owner.  

Personal Belief 

   Dogs and cats are great as first pets. I have never owned a dog or cat, but I have had several experiences with them. When I was younger, my mom worked at a house where the owner had 10 cats, so I used to like cats, but then one of them bit my mom really badly, and I began to dislike them. Another experience I’ve had was when a bulldog chased me and my friends at a park, but it was fun.  


Prefer Cats 

   Cats, however, still have their fans. Sophomore Josue Sanmiguel says, “I’ve owned a cat for a long time, and I find them to be more sanitary.” He goes on to say how when he first adopted the cat it was near death and his mom nursed it back to health and became part of the family. 


    Sophomore Genesis Gonzalez says, “I own a dog but prefer cats because they are calmer, but I can’t own a cat because I’m allergic.” She continues to say that her only bad experiences with a dog were that it gave her family ring worms and it also bit her.  


Prefer Dogs  

   Sophomore Esmeralda Fonseca says, “I’ve never owned a dog or cat, but I’ve always wanted a German Shepherd because they are excellent companions, and I have always had good encounters with dogs.” Unfortunately, Esmeralda can’t own a dog because she is allergic to them 


    For sophomore Emily Solorzano, dogs are the preferred pet because they are more fun to play with. “Cats aren’t the most pleasant pets to keep,” she says. “They are lazy and are only there for the food since all they pretty much do is sleep.” 


   Sophomore Christopher Pavon says, “Dogs are better because I was always more used to them and comfortable around them since they are more energetic and play with you.” He has owned three dogs but currently doesn’t own one because his mom doesn’t want a dog anymore. 



   According to an article titled “Public: Dogs Better Pets Than cats” by David W. Moore published on the website for Gallup Polls <>, “73% to 23% of Americans say that dogs, rather than cats are the better pet.” Americans also own more dogs than cats.   

Facts about dogs  

  • Dogs have a sense of smell at least 40 times better than humans 
  • A dog’s nose print is unique, much like a person’s fingerprint 
  • All puppies are born deaf

Facts about cats  

  • Cats are able to jump up to 6 times their height 
  • Cats’ rough tongues can lick a bone clean of any shred of meat 
  • Cats’ peripheral vision and night vision is better than that of humans