The New Student Experience In Miami High


Christopher’s First Week at School.

By Christopher Reyes, Staff Writer


   My name is Christopher Reyes, and I’m the “mysterious new kid” in Miami High. People tend to ask me why I transferred from my old school to here. Well, my old school in Doral was seriously underdeveloped. For example, there was no gym, a ton of electives were missing, and there weren’t even juniors or seniors there!  

   There weren’t enough opportunities (especially in music) for me to take there, so I came here instead. The reason I couldn’t come here in the first place, though I wanted to, was because my parents didn’t trust this school because it had a reputation of being unfriendly. However, I heard from two of my friends who are going to Miami High that it wasn’t like that at all. In fact, it’s friendly here. 

   This school has a lot more options than my old one, for sure. It has many more electives, clubs, and just overall more energy. This place feels more like a high school than my other one, which was actually a 6-12 school. 

   I faced a lot of problems with transferring. First of all, I had to wait until the first semester was over and the grades were officially inputted. Otherwise, I wouldn’t have gotten credit for them. Also, my new schedule at Miami High was a problem because I could’ve missed classes I needed credit for like chemistry or geometry. Finally, I transferred into Miami High the week after Miami High students were able to choose their electives for next year. So, I had to get a paper and submit it later to a counselor, but I’m pretty sure it worked out in the end. 

   When I first came here, I got lost easily. I was lucky to have my friend to help me get to my first class, but I was on my own for the rest of the school day. I had to do loops around school to figure out which building was which, and the most confusing one was building three, because that’s just upstairs. At least now I know my way around. 

   When I got to my classes, I mostly stayed quiet, but there were some exceptions. Some students introduced themselves to me quickly and we talked. I’ve made acquaintances, which I wasn’t expecting to do. The students were really welcoming and had no problem with me at all. 

   The teachers that I talked to helped me get accustomed to my new classes, which I’m rather grateful for. They were mostly understanding, and I actually like all my teachers (which is rare for a whole school year). The faculty helped me out with my schedule and my classes.  

   On the other hand, one time I was lost, and I walked into lunch through the exit, and one of the security guards yelled at me like I had committed a felony. It was a huge overreaction because I just stood there looking around and he was just screaming at me. Though I did come from the wrong way, he probably had no idea I was new. 

   What I mainly like about this place are the classes and people. The students are surprisingly nice, and the teachers and staff are extremely helpful. However, there are some downsides. The school is easy to get lost in, and even if I know where I need to go, it takes a bit to get there if it’s somewhere across the school. Overall, it’s a much better experience than my old school. I would say I’m getting used to it now. 


Being new to Miami High has its moments. 


  • The students are welcoming.

  • The Teachers are understanding.

  • It’s easy to accustomed to.


  • It’s easy to get lost.

  • There’s a chance that you won’t get the classes you want.

  • Your schedule could be switched around.