Ms. Aragon’s Journey


Honoria students and Ms.Aragon during a Secret Santa celebration

By Joshua Guerrero, Staff Writer

    One of the best Algebra 1 teachers at Miami High, Ms. Yesenia Aragon loves to help students learn and communicate. She is also a good person to talk to about anything. Her job, as both a teacher and the math department chairperson, makes her happy because she knows she is making a significant impact on how the students learn. 


  Ms. Aragon had a happy childhood. She states that she spent lots of her time with her family in Miami. She had a good childhood growing up with family even though she did not have her father present for her. Ms. Aragon is incredibly grateful for her grandma who was there for her and helped Ms. Aragon feel like she was not missing anything. She also taught her Spanish and so much more such as never making her feel alone, always keeping her company when she needed it, and making her bilingual which helped her through her professional life. 

 Miami High alumna  

   A graduate of Miami High, Ms. Aragon was in the Honoria club and served as president. She was always a good student and always had the Honoria spirit with her.  She also played volleyball briefly when she was a Miami High student. One of her favorite teachers was journalism teacher Dr. DeNight.  

 A teacher, not a banker  

   A telecommunications major in college, she switched to finance. After 2 years of working in finance, Ms. Aragon wanted to go into a career where she felt like she was making a difference in the world. So, she left her finance job and came back to her alma mater.   

     She chose to work here at a school where she had great memories and where she knows people, which helps her be more comfortable with her bosses and other staff. At Miami High she knew she would be treated like family. 

   She believes that a teacher’s personality could affect a student’s success because if her personality is approachable, the student will feel more comfortable with her and ask questions. She also believes that discipline helps students learn values like time management, deadlines, and respect.  

   For Ms. Aragon, the hardest part about teaching is that you can’t help and save all students no matter how hard you try.   It is also difficult learning to adjust with 120 different personalities, but she tries her best. 

Honoria club sponsor 

   Ms. Aragon took over Honoria in 2019 as the faculty sponsor. She wanted to be a sponsor for Honoria because she used to be in the club when she was here as a student. In order to join the spirit club of the school, you need a GPA that is 2.0 or higher.  Benefits of being in Honoria include they treat each other like family, members earn community service, and they do fun extracurricular activities. 

Things I did not know about Ms.Aragon 

-She is bilingual  

-She used to work in finance  

-She is a Miami High alumna  

-She is Honoria’s faculty sponsor