Zabala Happy with 21-22 school year, but needs better Attendance!


Mr. Zabala reflecting on this past year.

By Xochilt Coca, Staff Writer

As the 21-22 school year is coming to an end, administrators are looking at the successes of the students at Miami High and the things they can improve on. It was a tough transition from a year of online learning in 20-21, with students not being back in the building, to a year(21-22) with masks on and other Covid-19 precautions.

This really affected the work and learning process for many students. “Students need to focus more on their studies,” said assistant principal Mr. Zabala. “A lot of students had a rough adjustment coming back this school year.”

Grades and scores have seemed to go down so administration put tutoring and Saturday school in place to help those students do better in their academics. On a positive note, there was the comeback of activities including homecoming, prom, and graduation.

Compared to school year 20-21, the biggest improvement in Miami High is having the students coming back to an everyday schedule and attending classes. “Students should continue doing what they are doing, and the biggest thing I want for next year is for more students showing up,” said Mr. Zabala.