SNHS Coming Back Strong

SNHS is great club for students interested in STEM.

SNHS is great club for students interested in STEM.

By Natalie Morales, Staff Writer

   Science teacher and supervisor for Science National Honor Society (SNHS) Dr. Yoham reports the SNHS club had an overall successful school year. Dr. Yoham and SNHS club officers describe the club as proactive and much more lively in comparison to the previous year.  To be exact, 43 members have joined since the beginning of the year, an impressive recovery for the club.  

   “Compared to last year, we have seen a greater influx of underclassmen joining the club and its meetings, which facilitated the connection between our members and officers,” says Rosalyn Morin, the 2021-2022 club president. 

   A great obstacle SNHS has encountered this year was trying to recover from the COVID-19 pandemic.They all worked hard to get all of their members back in the club activities and continuing to show school spirit.  

   And with new members coming in, new officers for the next school year have been assigned: 

President: Rosalyn Morin 

1st VP: Fernando Quijada 

2nd VP: Sabrina Pepper 

Treasurer: Angela Villarreal 

Corresponding secretary: Aylin Villegas 

Recording secretary: Rocio Pelaez 

Historians: Amanda Acosta, Ashley Ramirez, Sophia Carrasco, Angela Zelaya 

Sergeant at arms: Claudia Fonseca 

   When asked about future goals the club has, they answered: “We have some very high expectations for SNHS next year, the main one attracting even more students who are interested in STEM to this club. Aside from this we’d like for SNHS to begin hosting more community service opportunities for our members and other students who are interested.” 

   Overall, they’re proud of what they have been able to achieve this school year. In March 2022, SNHS participated in the “What’s Your Number?” campaign by creating banners to help spark interest throughout the school. Dr. Yoham’s honors biology classes also participated in the campaign by creating unique signs that each student took home to spread awareness about environmental changes in Miami.  

   One notable thing the club was able to achieve this year was in October of 2021 when SNHS participated in the homecoming parade within the club alliance known as Academic Inc. where the group scored 2nd place overall, a big achievement for the club.  

   SNHS is a great club for students interested in STEM and is an opportunity for anyone. The club offers tutoring in Dr. Yoham’s room for all biology kids who may want additional help to pass their EOC. The officers and members are all welcome to tutor the students in the various science classes Miami High has to offer for community service hours. They also offer bi-weekly meetings in which they explore a new experiment that is led by their science coordinator.  

   When asked what are some changes the club would like to see within the club or in the school Rosalyn stated: “As I spoke to some of the future officers, we all agreed that the club should show more school spirit and become more involved with the school. We would also want our club to become more involved in the services the student government hosts and contribute to our community.”  

   It is without a doubt that SNHS has many outstanding officers and members with bright futures ahead of them and some of them who have stood out in the club this school year are: Valerie Hernandez who won the most prestigious Science award at Miami High; Lauren Valdes who won the Joe Caldwell Memorial Award; Paola Arriaza with her unique science themed YouTube videos; Rosalyn Morin who won the Yale Book Award, and Fernando Quijada won the Flagler College Award.