BETA Over The Summer!


BETA Officers at Color Picnic

By Brooke Martinez , Staff Writer

Over the summer, BETA got remarkably busy, either with banners, tags, or planning services and socials. They cleaned up Howard Drive Elementary and helped at the Mack Cycle Marathon. BETA also hosted a color picnic for an officer social, where every officer wore a specific color. Roberto Ramirez, BETA’s president, says that this really helped all the officers build better relationships with each other.

BETA hosted their very first BETA Olympics on July 22nd. It was an enormous success; it included a three-legged race, potato sack race, tug of war, a water balloon fight and more.

Homecoming season is soon approaching, and BETA is going to have all their attention on it. However, BETA has plans to bring back old traditions, and make new ones when homecoming season is over.

“Get involved ASAP,” Roberto Ramirez recommends to all first-year students. “In any club, obviously I recommend BETA. Trust me, it is so fun, and it helps you get out of your shell and make connections.” He also says that joining a club, but not being active in it, is no fun.