Ms. Llama


Ms. llama wearing a scooby doo onesie on character day while teaching.

By Fatima Reyna, Staff Writer

By Fatima Reyna 

   Ms. Llama is a 9th grade algebra teacher. She is patient, caring and hardworking. 

 First year at Miami High 

  Ms. Llama’s first year at Miami High 2021-22 was a great start to her new journey. She said, “The bond I have created with my students has been one of my favorite things.” Another one of her favorite things was how teachers were welcoming and loving. Although there were some tough times, she enjoyed her first year. 

 New plans for this school year 

   She plans on always being a 9th grade teacher as long as she is teaching high school. She looks forward to the days when old students visit her. Ms. Llama’s biggest classroom rule is no phones. Her new technique has been taking them after the first warning. Currently she is getting her students ready for the algebra EOC. She likes how her new students are easy to mold but dislikes having to reteach her lessons. 

 Life before becoming a teacher 

    If she were not a teacher, Ms. Llama would be a lobbyist because she has experience working in Congress and at the School Board. She would establish goals and work towards them. She enjoyed working there but wanted to follow her dreams. 

    Ms. Llama always dreamed of becoming a teacher, but she never actually studied it till later on. The schools she attended were St. Brendan’s for high school and Saint Agatha from pre-k to 8th grade. Her favorite thing about high school was going to football games. To this day she still attends them. Her graduation year was 2001.  

 Life outside of school 

   Outside of school, Ms. Llama loves to go out with her family, spend time with her friends, and go on trips. She likes traveling to places with snow since it is always hot in Miami. She has a husband, three kids, and a dog. “I want them to feel part of my school life,” Ms. Llama states, “since I get so busy at times.” Also, she says having a dog is like having another child. 

      Fun facts about Ms. Llama 

  •     Birthday: September 27, 1982 
  •     Zodiac sign: Libra 
  •     Favorite Food: Mexican  
  •     Favorite Dessert: Ice cream