Snap! Click! It’s Ms. Diaz


Ms. Diaz helping a student edit a photograph.

By Daranys Valdez, Staff Writer

     Ms. Diaz is the graphics teacher at Miami Senior high.  She also teaches  yearbook where she encourages her students to “capture the moments” . 

 Life before teaching 

    Ms. Diaz went to Hialeah High School where she participated in various school activities. She was part of the cheerleading team as well as choir. Ms. Diaz also took ballet classes 5-6 days a week. 

After high school 

    Ms. Diaz went to Ringling College of Art and Design, and after graduating, she worked  for 20 years as a graphic designer.   She says she loved Ringling College, and if given a chance to attend it again, she would.  

    However, she changed her career path to be a teacher after her daughter suggested the idea to her. “You’re very good at explaining and showing people how to do things,” Ms. Diaz remembers her daughter telling her.  

 Teaching at Miami High  

   Ms. Diaz is always encouraging her students to pursue what they love and even though some students won’t continue photography after high school, she shows them various career paths they can consider.  What Ms. Diaz loves the most about teaching here would be her students. She said, “I just love how creative they are.”  

    On the other hand, “Getting some students to understand what I’m teaching” is the hardest part of her teaching career.  

 Home life 

   On the weekends she loves to stay up late with her family watching movies. She also enjoys spending time with her daughter and getting to dress up with her during spirit week. One fun after school activity for Ms. Diaz is taking adult ballet classes. 


If you’re interested in joining Ms. Diaz’s Photography Club, you can stop by room 2101. There you will find a red box where you can fill out an application to join!