Stings Off Into the Real World


By Darla Paniagua, Staff Writer


    All I’ve been hearing about since we started school is how empty the halls seem and how dull our classes are without our last year’s graduating class. 

    The Class of 2022 had some of the most involved and school-spirited students I had ever seen throughout my high school experience. They made their last year of high school memorable, not only for themselves but for everyone who got to experience their school spirit. The Class of 2022 made clubs and sports more enjoyable for everyone involved.  

    They had their obstacles, such as the Covid years when we had to stay home and social distance. Despite this, they took the resources they had and made the best of their senior year. They managed to make it happen by bringing back old traditions and even creating their own. 

    After graduating, I wanted to know if they had undergone any major changes. Angie Moreno moved all the way up FSU and is currently studying to get her degree in Criminology. Although she was involved in Color Guard for 3 years, she’s currently not pursuing anything related to that. She said it’s one of the things she misses most about high school.  

    Pablo Ramirez is currently studying abroad in London for his degree in Health Management and Policy. Jose Caballero chose to stay close to home and is studying at FIU, but still following his big dreams from high school for the future of In-Touch. Marian Gonzalez and Lynet Sanchez also stayed close to home as they are both studying in Miami Dade for their degrees in Nursing. 

    High school is one of the many steps in a person’s life on the way to adulthood. Some said that high school prepared them enough for college while some weren’t as confident. Jose C, In-Touch founder, said, ‘’Taking AP classes, as well as having influential and passionate mentors, such as Dr.DeNight, enabled me to quickly adapt to the college workload and the academic expectations.”  

    On the other hand, Angie M, MHS Majorette, said ‘’I don’t think high school prepared me enough for the real world since I had to do my own search on finances.” However, she added, high school prepared her in regards to expectations and time management. She mentioned how taking DE classes also helped her by giving her a preview of how college would be.  

    Lynet Sanchez, also a Majorette, said the teachers that helped her the most were Mr. Brborich and Dr. DeNight. She said she found college easier than most because of their classes. 

    When asked to compare high school to college, the graduates also had a lot to say. Pablo Ramirez said, ‘’College and high school are two completely different environments. While you’re in high school, you’re being constantly monitored, by teachers, staff or even your parents. On the other hand, when you go off to college, you’re all on your own. You have to juggle your free time, studying, and whatever other responsibilities you may have.”  

    Marian Gonzalez, MHS Stingarette, said that high school and college are very similar in the sense of school spirit but very different in the sense of scheduling. Although this is true, she mentioned, “Nothing will ever compare to Miami High.”  

    The school spirit Miami High has seems to be the thing the graduates miss most. Lynet S. said she misses the activities, being a majorette and being involved in Honoria.  Angie Moreno misses the relationships and the games. Pablo Ramirez misses the clubs and high school friendships.  

    Marian Gonzalez had the most tear dropping response: “I genuinely wish I could go back and relive everything again.” She said she reminisces about high school almost 24/7 and that she misses it “10,000% percent”.