BETA’s Homecoming Win


Ramces Parrado, one of BETA’s Corresponding Secretaries, during the performance.

By Brooke Martinez, Staff Writer

   Roberto Ramirez, BETA president, is proud to announce that Homecoming week was a tremendous success. They won first place in every category for the Homecoming parade, making this their 11th year in a row winning. They have been preparing for the parade since summer, and it all paid off. All the officers were excited to show off what they had been working on. They are all proud of their work and incredibly happy with the outcome. The officers would like to thank all the members who volunteered to help with props and dance with them at the parade.  

   Now that Homecoming is finally over, BETA has the time to plan more socials and services, starting off with a Halloween Marathon at South Pointe Park, Miami Beach on Saturday, October 22nd from 5:30 AM to 12:30 PM. If you want to sign up for it, visit their Instagram page, @mhsbeta. 

   Additionally, new BETA members will be getting tagged in the next few weeks, except if you are a freshman. As always, BETA meetings are on Wednesdays, so remember to wear your BETA merch on those days. 

   Roberto Ramirez was crowned Homecoming King, but he also wanted to recognize all the other BETA’s who got Homecoming court: 

  • Carmen Berrios, one of BETA’s Corresponding Secretaries 
  • Michael Albert, one of BETA’s 1st Vice Presidents  
  • Elias Sandoval 
  • Rosalyn Morin 
  • Sophia Marticorena 
  • Djahnay Jones 
  • Fernando Quijada 
BETA officers, members, and alumni at the Homecoming game, putting up 11 to represent their 11-year streak.