Gen Z’s Style

By Emily Quintero , Staff Writer

    Fashion is the armor to survive the reality of everyday life. Fashion is a part of the world and part of history. It is not a meaningless swirl of meaningless clothes. Clothes come in different styles which can symbolize many different things. To some, clothing is art; to others, it’s a way to fit in. To some, it’s a way to stand out from the crowd; to others, clothing is just something they wear on the everyday basis and that’s that. 


Huh, Fashion? 

    Fashion means different things to different people. Some love fashion while others think it is too hyped up. Miami High student Abigail Reyes is a big fashion advocate and lives fashion. “Fashion is how I show the world my creativity and it helps me express myself,” she said.  

   Sophomore Isabella de la Rosa said, “Fashion is a big part of my day-to-day life.” 

    “Fashion is how I express myself and how I want the world to see me,” said Sophomore Melany Garcia.  

   On the other hand, sophomore Sofia Herrera commented, “Fashion is overrated.”   

Styles in the High 

    In Miami High there are different clothing styles. Sophomore Isabella de la Rosa said, “I like to dress like a popular kid in the 1920’s. My style is mostly vintage.”  

   But some students like to dress more modernly. Melany G said, “I like my clothing to have a young, free, and chill vibe.”  

   Some students dress depending on the occasion and do not have a favorite style. Sophomore Abigail Reyes said, “If I am going out partying, then I would let my unique fashion style play a role in what I wear. If I am going to a classy restaurant, I will dress classy.”  

   Sophomore Raymond said, “I like to wear rock, baggy, and black clothing.” Sophomore Board Vice President Oscar Santos is into “baggy streetwear and dark academia…” Student Sofia Herrera feels the same way.  


Where do Miami High kids shop? 

     Miami High kids have styles purchased from a lot of different stores. Abigail Reyes likes SHEIN and Dolls Kill.       

Raymond’s edgy rock and roll style


    Isabella de la Rosa’s favorite store is Brandy Melville. “It has cute vintage clothes,” she said. 

Sofia Herrera’s dark academia fashion style.

   Sofia Herrera’s favorite stores are Hot Topic, SHEIN, and Nike, which are perfect for the baggy streetwear aesthetic.  

   Oscar Santos said, “My favorite store is SHEIN where you can find a variety of styles, and there is something for everyone.”  

Fashionista Abigail Reyes


Outfits cost how much? 

     The million-dollar question now is, “What are Miami High students paying for their clothes?” It all depends.  Oscar Santos said, “My sweater is $30, my Nike shoes are $100, and my pants are $30.” This makes his outfit $160.  

  Abigail Reyes is a big fashion lover and when asked to break down her outfit, she said, “My pants are from American Eagle, and they cost $20 dollars. My shirt is $3, and my shoes are Nike, which cost $60. My earrings are from Steps New York, which are worth $2. My rings are from Pandora, and they were about $90, and my necklaces are from Spain and one if from Chanel.” Her total cost = $180. 

   Isabella de la Rosa said, “My outfit today is from Vivian Westwood and Brandy Melville and the overall cost is about $705, including the jewelry.”