Inside a High School Girl’s Life

By Liana Bracero, Staff Writer

    Many girls after entering high school can feel a bit confused. Especially since we go through big changes physically and mentally. It can be a real struggle to deal with these things while maintaining a daily high school life.  



   Getting your period is one struggle that many girls wish some teachers would consider more. Isabella Yera, a 10th grader, said, “Menstrual cycles are more than just blood. A lot of pain and mental drainages come with it.” Another 11th grader, Teresa Barrios, complained how some teachers do not allow their students to use the bathroom which can be a real issue, considering girls’ menstruation. 

    Many girls also talked about their experiences with body image. A sophomore female who chose to remain anonymous mentioned how she struggled a lot with eating disorders (ED’s) and body dysmorphia. She says it’s been a struggle trying to fit into body norms and beauty standards. Another girl in her junior year, who also wished to remain anonymous, talked about how many people would comment on her body which affected her greatly, but after time she learned how to feel better about herself.  


Life Perspective 

     Entering high school is something that can also affect the way you perceive yourself. Now this happens to everyone, but lots of girls struggle with it on the daily in many different ways. One of the girls, Samantha Lopez, talked about how in middle school she had been bullied, but after entering high school she felt as though she could express herself and no one would really care nor judge you. This made her feel better about herself. 

   Many girls also shared how high school not only affected the way they see themselves, but also the way they view others and the things they believe in. Some of them talked about how the things they prioritize or the way they the perceive people has changed. Sophomore Mia Gomez, talked about how she had become more logical in the way she makes her decisions. She thinks that after entering high school she has become more mature as to how she thinks. Many of the girls said a lot of that happened because of the stereotypes that surround girlhood like the drama and gossip.  

    Many girls had different answers about what they felt motivated them. Junior Teresa Barrios mentioned how she motivates herself to do better. She said that while growing up as a girl she cared too much about what others thought of her, so after entering high school she decided she was going to motivate herself to be better and to FEEL better. 10th grader Alejandra Delgado said her family are the ones who motivate her. Mia Gomez also mentioned how friends are one of her biggest motivations. 


Highschool Life/ Activities  

    Many girls are focused on improving themselves and getting better in school. Sophomore Hazel Morgan said, “Before my senior year, I want to become an officer of an interest club or one of the big four. I’m also in choir and would love to make it in all-state (a type of competition/audition).”  

    Isabella Yera mentioned how she would like to come to terms with how she is and how she portrays herself because she feels as though there’s certain standards and regulations that as girl she has to meet. 

     The girls mentioned some activities they think other girls or incoming freshmen girls would enjoy. The answers included things such as sports, clubs, elective classes, or afterschool activities. Samantha Lopez, a 10th grader that is apart of the cheer team, thinks girls would enjoy these types of activities like cheer or color guard. Another girl, Hazel Morgan thinks choir would also be a nice and fun class/club to join. The girls included these suggestions because they think this is a perfect way to meet and find your new group of people that you belong with that share similar interests. They said that many girls always feel left out in group settings with certain situations and this way they can find a new way to bond.  



  • Eating Disorders (EDs): behavioral conditions characterized by severe and persistent disturbance in eating behaviors and associated distressing thoughts and emotions.   
  • Body Dysmorphia: a mental illness involving obsessive focus on a perceived flaw and appearance. It is caused by a chemical imbalance in the brain. a traumatic experience in the past