Who is Mr. Brborich?


Mr. B is helping a student with graphing “Absolute Values Inequalities.”

    Mr. Brborich, also known as Mr. B, is an Algebra 2 teacher known for his cool and funny sense of humor, but also for being a good teacher.  


Math teacher 

    Even before Mr. B was a teacher, he enjoyed helping kids in various ways such as assisting them with homework, teaching them how to fix a bike, or fixing the bike himself. One day his neighbor, who was the department chair of mathematics at Miami Dade’s College’s downtown campus, offered him a job as a math tutor. While doing his job, Mr. B. noticed he was really good at his job and decided to become an algebra 2 teacher for high school. 

    He spent 12 years in college to get his mathematics degree. He felt like he wasted time for taking that long. The reason he got into math was because his high school math teacher Mr. Corazon told him he was pretty good and inspired him to become a teacher as a second choice. His first was to be a pilot.  

   There are a lot of people aspiring to become teachers. When asked what advice he would give them, he said, “Teaching is a steady financial job although it doesn’t pay well.” He also said that you need to like and get along with students and you have to be patient. 


When working with students 

    Over the years, Mr. B. has found out that by showing compassion and talking with students, he can bring down their barriers, so he can reach their minds. “Making students feel comfortable in your class,” Mr. B said, “and making them laugh is an easier way to open up their minds so they can accept Mathematical information.”And it is true that his songs that he sings to make you remember things about algebra will put a smile on your face.  



    Mr. B was featured in the Doral newspaper because he participated in the 4th Masters World Judo Championship Masters of the IJF (International Judo Federation). In the newspaper it states that Mr. B entered judo practice late, but after 5 months of training, he was ready to compete. He stated in the newspaper article, “Judo relieves the stress of the day. One falls and gets back up; it’s like the struggle of life. This World Cup is my first international competition and is a great opportunity to participate without having to travel.”  





Did you know this about Mr. B? 

  • He is 6’3” tall 

  • He weighs 210 pounds 

  • He is a judo champion 

  • He likes pineapple on pizza