Live, Love, Lyes


Lyes Corredera feeling cute at home.

By Elizabeth Solar, Staff Writer

   With a unique name like Lyes (Lee-es), you may be wondering who she is? Lyes Corredera is a sophomore in Miami Senior High School, and just like you, she has her own unique traits that make Lyes, Lyes!  

After School Activities  

    Lyes is active outside of school as part of a dance team and a volleyball club. She dances because she has been doing it since she was a kid, and she does volleyball because it’s fun. Though they are positive parts of her life, they both have their drawbacks. For example, though both activities keep her skinny, she said that in volleyball she ended up getting her 3rd concussion.  Her favorite thing about both activities is that they have been in her family for a long time and it’s a nice way to bond with her family. When she finishes high school, she said she won’t be continuing volleyball, but she might continue dance. 


Elementary through Middle School 

   Lyes went to Citrus Grove for both her elementary and middle school years. “I miss the experience of elementary school,” said Lyes, “even though I fell down the stairs and hit my head.” Surprisingly, Lyes said her concussion helped her get smarter and out of ESOL.  Her middle school experience helped build her character as she was very involved in after-school activities with band, choir, volleyball, and one semester of basketball.  


Lyes Corredera being a stylish princess.


   After her experience in Citrus, Lyes started her high school life in Miami High. In 2020-2021, she came to Miami High expecting it to be like High School Musical, but it ended up not being what she expected. Comparing last year to this year, Lyes prefers this year because she is happier, has more friends, and has better grades. This makes her want to go to school even though Lyes doesn’t enjoy school because “it is boring and a waste of her time.”   



     Some friends in Lyes’s life do have a positive impact on her life, and some others don’t; she said it depends on the person. After school they go to Publix, buy food, and have a little picnic outside the photography room.      

    Lyes top three friends she loves the most are Ashlyn Gomez, Elizabeth Solar, and Elizabeth Murillo, because they are always there for her. She does not have a favorite out of the three. “Today we played red light green light after school,” Lyes said. 

Lyes has had 5 concussions 

  1. Dropped as a child 
  1. Fell down the stairs  
  1. Doesn’t remember  
  1. Hit her head trying to get a volleyball 
  1. Fell down the stairs in the gym