Do you know Oscar Santos?


Oscar is a proud member of BETA.

By Liana Bracero, Staff Writer

    Miami High sophomore Oscar Santos is a straight A honor roll student and always participates in many school activities. He also has one of the best school spirits I know.  

School Activities 

   Oscar is an incredibly involved student. He said some of the activities he does around school include managing the entire sophomore class, organizing school activities, making lunch schedules while shirts are on sale, and helping paint banners. Besides all this he must attend IOC meetings and assist the president of Class of 2025.  

   “Being the VP for class of 2025 is awesome; I get to interact and help a lot of people which I love to do,” he mentioned.  

    Although he loves it, he says hosting activities is time-consuming and thinks the people who host the activities do not have as much fun as the attendees. He talked about how in the future he hopes to be the SGA (the student government association) President. He hopes he can make this happen by his senior year.  


Personal Life  

    Oscar was born in the US to Honduran parents, and he is very proud of his heritage. He described his life growing up as being pretty average. He grew up being the youngest out of 3 siblings and said he was the favorite child growing up until his younger brother was born in 2015. He loves to eat and have a good time with his friends. One of his favorite foods is “Pollo Ceibeno,” Honduran style. 

   He is a person that everyone enjoys being around and highly talks about all the time. Many of his friends consider him a very trustworthy and honest person.  

   “Growing up my parents always expected the best of me academically because my older sister was like an academic weapon, winning every trophy and award available in whatever school she was in,” Oscar said.  

From left to right, the 2025 class officers: Rosemay Hernandez, Jonathan Matute, Oscar Santos and Sinayel Prieto.

Views and Aspirations  

    Oscar strongly believes that hard work and dedication pay off. He believes if you work hard, you’ll get what you deserve. He talked about who has inspired him most after arriving at MHS and he mentioned a former student, Gabriel Ferrer, commonly known as “Arepa”. Arepa was a student that had recently arrived in the US and somehow still managed to be an overachiever and get into the prestigious college Harvard. Oscar felt very inspired by him and hoped he could follow in his footsteps. 

    He also mentioned how his best friend, Daniela, had also inspired him greatly with how dedicated she is to BETA, as she is one of the officers. He feels very motivated when he sees others working hard and achieving their own goals.  

   “Some of my proudest moments are when I won the election for class of 2025 VP and when I won multiple awards in elementary for my academic achievements,” he said. He also won a poem competition, and he felt immensely proud of himself.  

    On the other hand, Oscar hates lies and incompetence and said that it is one of biggest things that irks him. Another thing that he doesn’t stand for is when people hurt others for selfish reasons. He dislikes passive aggressiveness and mentions how he’d rather talk it out than ignore the problem.  


   Oscar has always been a straight A student ever since he was little. He’s received many awards but said that getting honor roll in elementary was one of his biggest accomplishments considering it was one of the first awards he ever got.  

   He said, “I am currently trying to excel in math and chemistry so I can take their AP version next year.” His dream is to attend the University of Florida. He talked about how he has always wanted to get into a top college, and how he saw himself working in the medical field. He said it is the perfect plan because it’s not too far from home and they offer great programs.  

   Oscar is not only a great student academically, but he is also very in touch with his school spirit. He is in many extracurriculars and clubs such as Beta and is even the VP of Class of 2025.  While he maintains a high GPA and participates in many school activities, he says he still feels very overwhelmed from time to time.  

    He’s mentioned how although he is doing very well in his classes, it is still exceedingly difficult to keep up with them, especially since he is already taking APs and honors. “Extra curriculars and being an honor roll student can be challenging, but if you have dedication and drive it is not hard to achieve,” he said. 


“Opportunities don’t happen, you create them”Oscar Santos