Circolo Italiano busy during first half of 2022-23

By Nahomy Vega , Staff Writer

     The Italian Club, commonly known as Circolo Italiano, is one of the very active clubs at Miami High. The whole purpose of the club is to promote the Italian culture, such as food, music, and art. Circolo Italiano is advised by Ms. Miranda, a foreign languages teacher.

     As of now, the club has taken part in many school activities, including Homecoming, Hurricane Relief, the Pumpkin Decorating Contest, and Clubsgiving. The club also hosts regular get-togethers, and every end of the school year, a formal dinner to an Italian restaurant to eat traditional Italian food. On December 21st, the club hosted a pizza party before the start of Winter Break.

     Knowing Italian isn’t a requirement to join the club, so everyone should feel free to join. Follow the club @mhscircoloitaliano on Instagram to stay updated for upcoming club events! (by Nahomy Vega)