MHS BNG Dance Team

BNG 2022-2023 Senior Night

BNG 2022-2023 Senior Night

By Elizabeth Solar , Staff Writer

    Miami Senior High School’s dance team was established in 2018, but once the pandemic hit, the team slowly lost their popularity. In the 2021-2022 school year, Captain Haniela Reyes and Co-Captain Lillian Dieguez decided to bring the dance team back to become big like the Color Guard and Cheerleaders! 


    The BNG dance team stands for Blue aNd Gold dancers of the school,” said Haniela Reyes. “We typically get confused for being ‘boys and girls.’ And while we may have had boys on the team in the past, that’s not what we stand for. We are the Blue aNd Gold dancers of the school, representing our school colors and wearing them proudly.”

BNG 2022-2023 Winter Show.



    There are many girls that have joined BNG. Lindsay Huete, an 11th grader, said, “The best thing about BNG is just being together and performing.”  

   Alisson Quijada, a 10th grader, said her best parts were all the best friends she made during her time in BNG. “I love all these girls no matter what,” she said. Alisson also said that she wished she would have started BNG earlier because she loves the vibe with her teammates and she’s doing something she loves. 

    Lorena Cardenas, a 12th grader,  wished she started earlier, she learned about BNG in her 9th grade year, but with Covid and the pandemic, she didn’t get the chance to. “I regret not doing it earlier because I would have helped BNG with a lot of things, and I think if I joined it earlier, I would have helped make it better. Now the fact I’m a historian, it’s real cool because I can still help!” Lorena feels like BNG is her family; even though things aren’t that simple, she said, they all still love each other. 

    “Honestly being a part of BNG is just the best thing in the world that has happened to me. Once I joined, I created such amazing friendships that I will never want to lose. Yes, there has been a lot going on, but there’s always those that make you stay and just keep going,” 10th grader Genesis Lopez said. She also stated that this is the most perfect time to join because she feels in place, and she wouldn’t have met all her teammates. 


    9th grader Guillermina Macagni  feels very proud to be part of a beautiful team and with people who put their all into what they do.  

  Gianna Diaz, a 9th grader, said BNG is her escape from the real world because she enjoys dancing a lot. “Not only do you build connection with the girls, but it’s all a learning experience as well,” said Gianna. 


   But Leisda Rodriguez, a 9th grader, said that she feels uncomfortable that in every practice there is a problem or discussion, and it has caused pressure and stress on the last few dancers.  

    Co-Captain Lillian Dieguez added, “It’s also stressful, especially as an officer, because there are a lot of differences in people, some things function differently, everyone has an opinion, and it may not always be expressed. It comes with a sacrifice, drama and ups and downs, but once you see that practice and dance coming along, it was all worth it” 


    Haniela Reyes and Lilian Dieguez are the main part of BNG, since they are Captain and Co-Captain. If you have seen the pep rallies. BNG went from 4 people to 14 people. “It feels amazing to work with a great dance team because we all have different styles and different capabilities that help us do better,” said Haniela. Lilian said that this year’s focus was about growing and making it better. 

   They also have big plans for BNG. Lilian said, “Future changes I’d like to do for BNG is get a lot more uniforms and get chances to do a lot more shows.”  

    They clearly have a lot of planning to do. “We will make sure that everyone knows BNG is here to stay and will be a part of a new tradition at Miami Senior High,” said Haniela 


   Ms. Fernadez is the advisor for the Thespians, and in 2022, she became the advisor for BNG. She loves to be the advisor for BNG because she used to do musical theater when she was younger, and it required dancing, and being the advisor is her life going in a full circle. She gets to see the other point of view from when she was a student.   

    “They do a really great job, they practice a lot, it’s really hard and time consuming for a lot of the girls,” Ms. Fernadez said, “but they put so much work and effort to make it look so good, and that kind of drive and determination is what makes them a really great team.” 


School news paper clip of choreographer Elsy Calix winning Superior Honors.

    Elsy Calix, BNG’s choreographer, helped found the original group back in 2018. She went to Miami High, graduating in the Class of 2011. Elsy was in Color Guard, and in her sophomore year she got a superior honor on her solo evaluation. 

    After graduating, Elsy would practice dances with a student named Lorena who was in Color Guard. Lorena would tell Elsy how there was no dance team in Miami High and how she wished there was one, and Elsy agreed. Elsy told Lorena to meet up with Mr. Valdes and talk to him about making a dance team, which she did. And that was how BNG was created.  

    After it was formed, Lorena left the school, and the Co-Captain Paola Guanche became the new captain of BNG. (You can find her on Instagram @paolaguanche and if you scroll down on @mhs.bng, she is on the first few posts.) 

    Elsy currently works in property management as her job and creates choreography as a side job.  She is also currently part of a salsa dance team. 

BNG 2022-2023 Dancers 


Grethell Toranzo (Historian) 

Lorena Cardenas (Historian) 


Haniela Reyes (Captain) 

Lillian Dieguez (Co-Captain) 

Lindsay Huete  

Melissa Riguero (Treasurer) 

Alisson Quijada 

Gabriela Martinez (Secretary) 

Genesis Lopez (Secretary) 


Emily Moro 

Gianna Diaz 

Guillermina Macagni 

Lesida Rodgriguez  


Ms. Fernandez  


Elsy Calix