Dr. Flores’ Announcement for All Juniors


Dr. Flores on a computer, posing for the camera with a smile on his face.

By Natalie Morales, Staff Writer

Junior grade counselor Dr. Flores would like to remind all juniors about some important things before the end of the school year.

   First, he advises all juniors to check their GradTrack Report, located in the student portal, and check if they are missing any classes and to make sure they are meeting all the graduation requirements, so they may enjoy their senior year. 

   He also advises juniors to close out any debts from classes, in order to participate in senior activities next year. 

   If you are unsure on how to check your GradTrack Report or if you are missing classes, you can meet with Dr. Flores for help. The best time to meet him is during your lunch period. If he is not available, you may see Mr. Cuevas or Ms. Ceballos to get a hold of  Dr. Flores. (by Natalie Morales)