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The Impact Chorus has on Miami High Students

Miami High Concert Choir at FIU performing with Seraphic Fire on February 27th, 2023.

    At Miami High, students can explore their creative side through various fine art electives. One such class is Chorus, taught by the talented Ms. Cid, who also teaches AP Music Theory and Guitar. With several different choir classes available, students can choose the level that suits them best, whether it be Rookie Stings, Stingaree Men, Lady Stings, Concert Choir, or the prestigious Miami Voice. Whether students are seeking to refine their vocal abilities or broaden their musical horizons, Chorus is a fantastic choice for those looking to explore the world of music at Miami High. 


Honors and Awards Received by the Choir 

    The Miami High choir has received many honors and awards throughout the years. Chorus teacher Ms. Cid stated that in 2020, all the choirs received straight superior at District MPA. However, due to Covid, they couldn’t attend that year. In 2022, the Miami High Singers received the highest award at MPA, which was straight superior. They’ve had consistent representation at All-State as well as one choir always receiving superior at District and State MPA. In February 2023, the choir was chosen to sing with Grammy-nominated group Seraphic Fire at FIU. One month later, they were personally chosen to sing at Carnegie Hall in New York during spring break.  


Effects of Being in Choir 

   There are numerous advantages to being in choir. Senior Valia Velazquez, who’s the choir president this year, said that the effects of being in choir can go beyond music and into everyday life. “It’s made me a more outgoing person,” she stated. Chorus member Chloe Lopez, an 11th grader, said that it can affect your confidence, as well as your sense of familiarity. “Being in choir has made me feel more part of the school and it’s helped me find a place here,” stated junior Isabella Yera.  


Chorus and its Challenges 

    Singing in a choir can be a rewarding experience; however, it comes with its own set of challenges. One of the biggest challenges that several students agreed on was that when one person messes up on the music, everyone messes up after and it becomes difficult because at the end of the day, everyone wants to succeed together.  

   Another challenge is that the music can be extremely difficult to read and if you fall behind, it’s hard to catch up. “You can have bad days and it can take a toll on your body and sometimes you feel sick so you don’t perform the best you can,” states senior chorus member Robert Capetillo  

       Isabella Yera also recognizes that being in chorus can get very frustrating. She says at times people don’t care as much about the music as the others.  

    “There are many voices in the choir,” states Choir President Valia Velazquez. “It’s hard to sound as one person and there’s a lot of effort to put in as well.”  


Why Choir Students joined the class 

     When choir students were asked why they joined the class, they didn’t mind sharing their reasons why. Isabella Yera said it’s because she’s always been into music, and she was in choir in elementary school.  

   “The reason I joined choir was because it was on my schedule,” says junior Diana Aguilar. “As a little girl I always wanted to sing and being in choir gave me that chance.”  

    On the other hand, freshman Jasmine Pererya said, “I wanted art originally, but I got choir instead. Once I met Ms. Cid, I wanted to stay.”   


Why People Should Join Choir 

    There are many reasons why students should join choir. Junior Ashlyn Gomez stated you make a lot of friends, and you get to travel to several places.  

   “It gets you out of your comfort zone and it helps you meet new people,” stated junior Diana Aguilar.         

     “It’s a great experience,” says Isabella Yera “Ms. Cid will teach you everything that you need to know, and you, as well as your voice are important to the choir.”   

     “It’s a great way to develop music knowledge,” states Robert Capetillo. “If you’re going down a music path, it’s really helpful and you get to learn the basics of music.”   


Best and Worst Parts of Choir 

    Choir students were asked what they thought the best and worst part of being in choir was. For Chloe Lopez, it is the time spent together with other people as well as the bonds you make.  

   “The best part of choir is singing,” says Jasmine Pererya. “It feels so rewarding especially because I’ve never done it before.”  

   While choir has its best parts, it can also have its downside. Chloe Lopez says the worst part is when everyone struggles with the music so it can slow things down. For senior Matthew Rodriguez, it’s learning to work with different personalities.  


What Choir has taught the students 

    Choir has taught the students several things through the years. Ashlyn Gomez says that it taught her how to read music and how to talk to people. “Choir has taught me to sight read and it be mindful of my surroundings,” says Diana Aguilar.  

   Matthew Rodriguez says that choir taught him about teamwork, cooperation, and that it’s about everyone.  

The Different Choirs of Miami High 

Rookie Stings 

Stingaree Men 

Lady Stings 

Miami Voice 

Concert Choir 


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