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New Beginnings For Freshman

On their first day of school back in August, many Miami High freshmen experienced a mix of emotions. Some arrived with the expectation of feeling overwhelmed by the school’s size or getting lost. Others felt that making new friends and meeting new teachers was easy.  


Some freshmen like Elmer Barrientos said, “MHS has good programs and good teachers.” An anonymous freshman said that she liked everything about the school. Sarah, a 9th grader, said that she had a wonderful day here. 


However, not everything was perfect for the freshies. Anthony Guttierez said, “I don’t like how the school is big. I felt so small.” Gianluca Artiles said that he arrived late to class because he got lost. One anonymous freshman did not like how long the lunch line was, while another anonymous freshman said, “I hate how the school signal is weak.”  


Expectation vs Reality 

Sophia Rodriguez thought her high school would be big because of what her sibling said. “It turned out to be smaller than I expected,” she said.  

Emily Sanchez, on the other hand, believed high school would be like what she saw in TV shows and movies, with cool lockers. But in reality, she got lost trying to find her first class.  

Alex Martinez said, “I was nervous about making friends, but I found out that everyone was welcoming.”  

Meanwhile, 9th grader Jacob thought that the teachers were pretty chill, even though some teachers “just give a lot of work,” he said.   

Adam Daberas, said, “Since I’m a talkative person, making new friends was easy.” He also said that the students here are social.

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