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Who are you in Miami High?

Ashley Sarria, Senior, wearing a pastel flowerly dress for a Lana Del Rey concert.

  At Miami High we see different students from different backgrounds expressing themselves through their clothing. The way people dress is a powerful statement that speaks volumes about their unique personalities and embracing the beauty of individuality. It’s not just about what you wear; it’s a way of expressing yourself. Your fashion style is like a colorful painting that shows who you truly are.  

High school vs Middle school 

    Everyone has a drastic change once they enter high school. Students tend to be more mature; they are able to find what they like, who they like, and what people and environment is best for them. If you compare yourself now to who you were in middle school, you will notice how different you are, especially your fashion sense.  

Michael Guiterez, Senior, wearing his outfit for school.

  During middle school you’re following what your friends are doing instead of discovering who you want to be. Sophomore Daniel Rodriguez says, “During my middle school years I would be very loud and obnoxious so that’s how I would often dress with clothing that would call attention to me.”   

   Discovering what you’re comfortable in goes a long way into your own personal journey of discovering who you are. Junior Aaliyah Lopez says, “I always felt uncomfortable in middle school because I was focused on what others wanted me to become, until I started high school. When I began high school, I started doing more research on different clothing and found myself liking a more alternative approach.” 

Expressing yourself through fashion  

  Allowing yourself to express yourself through fashion is a way to find out who you are. Fashion allows people to showcase their unique tastes, preferences, and personality traits. People express themselves in various ways whether it’s through bold colors, edgy haircuts, or their colorful makeup looks. Senior Genesis Franco says, “I enjoy wearing baggy clothes, others see it as not trying to look presentable. I see it more as a way to express who I am as a person.”  

Genesis Franco, Senior, wearing a oversized red sweatshirt for running errands

 People experiment with different textures, patterns, and accessories until they find what clicks for them. Senior Jessica Gonzalez says, “I have had fun trying different types of aesthetics and clothing. I would say I’m open to any sense of style.” 

  Your clothing reflects your current mood, emotions, or aspirations. Junior Josue Martinez says, “When I was in a bad mental state, I would often just wear whatever I would find instead of trying to look approachable.” Someone who is feeling confident would most likely choose bold and empowering clothing, while someone feeling nostalgic might choose to wear vintage inspired pieces.  

Inspiration for your aesthetic  

    Students may follow their favorite celebrities on social media or tune into red carpet events to stay updated on the latest trends and styles. Sophomore Sarah Gomez says, “Scrolling through Pinterest half of the time I find new outfits I might want to give a try.” 

   People may find inspiration in the colors, shapes, and textures in art and translating those elements into their clothing choices. Junior Melanie Franco says, “My drawings have always motivated me to dress in a way others may not be comfortable in.” 

    Music genres and subcultures often have distinct aesthetics associated with them. From punk and grunge to hip-hop and indie, people get inspiration from the fashion trends and styles within these communities. Senior Isabella De La Cruz says, “I often shoot for that Y2K style so I get heavily inspired by pop artists and fashion icons during that 2000’s era such as Britney Spears, Paris Hilton, and Cameron Diaz.” 

Disadvantages of your sense of style  

    When you think of having your dream sense of style, you don’t often think of the disadvantages that come along with it. While some students might not spend that much on their clothing and accessories, others enjoy being able to pay for the clothing that they truly want. Senior Daranys Valdez says, “I work a part time so that I don’t depend on my parents for the lifestyle that I want since it gets expensive.”  

Andre Rodriguez, Senior, showing off his HardRock long sleeve outfit.

  Being able to express yourself through fashion is a wonderful experience, but for others it might not be so great. Getting judged by others just because you’re not keeping up with the latest fashion trends or choose to dress a different way that doesn’t assimilate to society’s “normal.” Sophomore Gabriela Perez states, “The older generation they aren’t used to the new fashion style so every time I go out, I find myself getting stared at but mainly by older people, and those stares tend to be judgmental.”  

  Having a sense of style means scrolling and looking on different platforms, feeds, and websites to see what or who might pique your interest. Shopping for new clothing, experimenting with different looks, and coordinating outfits require time and effort that could be spent on other pursuits. Junior Sebastian Alvarez says, “The only bad thing I would say that comes along with having your own personal sense of style would be spending hours at a thrift store trying to find something that goes along with you are.” 

Discovering who you are  

  Fashion can open the door for you to foster a community and connection with others who share similar interests and aesthetics. Bonding over shared style preferences can create meaningful connections and friendships. Junior Danielle Reyes says, “I met and connected with most of my friends because I thought the clothing they wore was pretty similar to mines. So, one day I just decided to ask for their Insta, and we started talking!” 



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