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ChatGPT Revolutionizes Learning Amid Concerns

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ChatGPT provides a new style of teaching

    ChatGPT, a type of chatbot powered by artificial intelligence, has significantly gained popularity nationwide, offering answers to any prompt tailored to people’s requests. It’s rising popularity has sparked debates in schools, considering that it is an effortless way for students to receive answers. 

   According to OpenAI, the company behind ChatGPT, ChatGPT gained over 1 million users just 5 days after its launch in November 2022. Its rapid adoption demonstrates the demand for new, accessible, and versatile learning. It was created by a large team of researchers, computer scientists, and engineers over several years with the hope to provide accurate and helpful information across a wide range of topics. 

Teachers’ Perspectives 

    Many teachers at Miami High are familiar with ChatGPT and based on what they have seen with their students, believe it poses a variety of benefits. 

   English teacher Mr. Jimenez begins by saying how ChatGPT has a pool of knowledge from A to Z and it can be used to complete work efficiently. He states, “It makes tedious and unimportant work get done quickly to focus on more important work.”  

   Social studies teacher Ms. Yanes also acknowledges the benefits of ChatGPT.  She said, “It can provide you with writing ideas and accurate information on a topic you’re struggling with.”  

   On the contrary, English teacher Dr. Suarez believes ChatGPT’s negatives far outweigh the positives. She is aware of ChatGPT in her class and can tell who is using it to cheat. She states, “It stalls the learning process and prevents you from learning key writing and thinking skills.” With the continued use of ChatGPT and other AI, she states, “Schools should invest more in AI detection apps and anti-plagiarism apps.” 

   Mr. Jimenez believes ChatGPT poses dangers in his classroom as well.  He is concerned about what it will do to students’ critical thinking if they are constantly using ChatGPT in school. 

   Ms. Yanes believes ChatGPT can be dangerous, as she has noticed several of her students using it to cheat on assignments in her class. She states, “Students constantly using ChatGPT in class leads to a lack of common sense and prevents them from learning the material.” 

Students’ Opinions  

   The students of Miami High have more positive views on the use of ChatGPT in school. Many believe it is an especially useful tool that allows them to excel in their classes, if used appropriately. 

   Junior Miguel de la Cruz believes ChatGPT is a great invention that everyone should use. He states, “I love ChatGPT; I don’t think it’s dangerous, and I think it’s a useful app to learn all sorts of information.”  

   Senior Izamara Salgado states, “I think ChatGPT can very useful when used properly. I’ve used it for AP Chemistry and math to help me solve problems and find explanations.” 

   Senior Hugo Ardon states, “I think ChatGPT is a very useful tool if used appropriately. It can also be used the wrong way but for the most part it’s good to use if you’re struggling with assignments.” 

   Senior Kelvin Miranda emphasizes more of the advantages than disadvantages of ChatGPT.  He states, “I think ChatGPT is a useful source for students to study and understand material with more clarity.” 

   Sophomore Mya Chavez provides an informative insight on ChatGPT, believing it has both advantages and disadvantages. She states, “I think ChatGPT is a useful app in the sense that it helps you with assignments you might have difficulty with. I think it could be dangerous because some students don’t even try on their assignments and use ChatGPT to cheat.” 

ChatGPT Statistics 

  • ChatGPT had approximately 180 million users in December ‘23. 
  • ChatGPT generates 1.7 billion monthly site views, on average. 
  • Nearly 15% of ChatGPT’s users (14.4%) are based in the US. 
  • It took five days for ChatGPT to reach one million users and two months to reach 100 million 


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