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How Negative Parenting Styles can Shape a Child’s Future

   Every parent hopes to be the best role model to their child, but that’s not what always happens. Even if it’s unintentional, some parenting methods can affect children poorly. 


Effects of Unrealistic Goals and Lack of Support 

   One common misconception is that high expectations are necessary for motivating a child’s success. However, this may be doing more harm than good to your child.  

   Senior Mayara Castañeda says, unrealistic expectations can make you lose motivation to do anything and develop a negative version of yourself. 

   An article titled, “How can unrealistic expectations influence your relationship with your child?” published on the website states that it is more important to believe in your children and encourage them to do their best. Motivation is more powerful and fulfilling to your children. 



Long term effects of harsh punishment and excessive criticism 

   Parents are a big aspect of many of our lives, but every parent brings up their child or children differently. Growing up with harsh punishments and excessive criticism is very common but there are long term effects that may be affecting you.  

   According to an article titled “How to Deal with Critical People,” published on the website, having too much negative feedback often plays a role in developing conditions like depression and schizophrenia.  

   “As a girl, harsh criticism from my mother has made me feel insecure and lowered my self-esteem,” shares junior Jasmine Godoy. “When shopping, I would always hear my mom’s voice in the back of my head, predicting what she would say about the piece of clothing I’d choose.” 

  Junior Mia Gomez says being excessively criticized makes her not want to talk to adults at all. Mayara says, “Something I have seen on social media is that kids who deal with a lot of harsh punishment usually drift away from their parents in adulthood.” 


How can bad parenting affect an individual? 

   An article titled “Emotional and Psychological Consequences of Bad Parenting” on the website for the American Society for the Positive Care of Children < > says children who deal with bad parenting may deal with issues such as low self-esteem, anxiety, depression, and trust issues. 

   Mia Gomez says, “I’ve been emotionally manipulated by my mom before. She makes herself the victim in every situation and it felt like I can’t say anything without offending her.” 

   Senior Matthew Rodriguez says he hasn’t dealt with it, but he has seen it in his friends before and it’s affected their mental health poorly. 


Ways to Avoid Bad Parenting 

   An article titled “9 Steps to More Effective Parenting” on the website provides ways a parent can avoid feeling like a bad parent: make time for your kids, communicate, show unconditional love, and know how to respect boundaries. 

   Jasmine Godoy says, “My dad’s gentle, positive, encouraging, yet firm parenting style has affected me positively. I feel free to be who I am, and his consistency has allowed me to reach for better things in life.” 

     Failure to learn better parenting skills can lead to generational trauma repeating itself, but it is possible to break the chain. 

   Junior Jordan Martinez says, “Parents sometimes sound condescending or rude to their kids, but I would want to be like my child’s best friend and treat them how I would a peer.” 

   Senior Yasmine Chavarria says she’d ensure that her child is okay mentally and physically and she would not invalidate their feelings. 

   “I would encourage my children to do their best and whatever they want in life, I would want to have enough trust with them that they feel comfortable to tell me everything,” Jasmine Godoy says. 


Signs of Bad Parenting 


  • Lack of respect and trust 
  • Shaming 
  • Withdrawing affection and attention 
  • Harmful words and emotions 



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